Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bromont Course

Rode the Bromont World Cup course today with the National Team. It's a weird course, the Canada Cup there a few weeks ago was so muddy that they had to come through the whole course pretty much with a mini excavator. So the once single track has mysteriously turned into a two track downhill. Not super stoked on that. But Mt Saint Anne was the best course of the season, so it makes up for this one. Did some intervals on the start hill, which is super long, did a hard 3 min effort up it and I was maybe halfway up the climb, then there's a long descent into the finish. So pretty much just go up then come down. Might be riding some laps with Kabush tomorrow, which will be sweet. Later

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canadain World Cups

Thought you might like to here whats been shakin' out here in Quebec. Flew out Wednesday July 22nd. met up with Catherine Pendral at the Quebec City airport and she gave me a lift to Mt Saint Anne, where round 5 of the World Cup was going to be taking place.Tyler Allison and myself are the lone BC juniors riding for the National Team at the World Cups out here. Dan Proulx and Nick Vipond have been running a super ill project out here. There are 6 junior men, 4 junior women, 2 espoir women, espoir men, elite women and elite men. Guys like Seamus McGrath and Max Plaxton are riders we have seen riding at a super high level for years, and now they're staying with us and giving us all tips on the course, like what line to ride and how fast to go around that corner and so on. Helps alot more that than you would think.

Really cool place out there, one of my favourite course foresure. I think just because I'm Canadian I liked it, the Euro's....not so much. They made some wicked changes to the course, the main one in the end was called the rock, everyone knew it and everyone fell on it atleast once throughout the week I believe. Junior men had a great day coming in with the win, 3rd, 4th and 5th, Junior women swept the podium and showed whats up. Some had some problems with mechanicals, asthma, cracked frames etc..which left them unable to ride across the line. Big hands up to Catherine Pedral from Kamloops who came across the line victorious with here 2nd World Cup victory in two years. Very exciting racing to watch, she just kept attacking until there was no one left, also I forgot to mention there was some terrencial rain going on during her race... Also hands up to Geoff Kabush from Victoria who came in 3rd place, just offt he pace of 2X Olympic Champ and 4X world Champ Julien Absalon. Great day for BC riders, shows that we all can be taking on the best in the world no matter the conditions and no matter the course.

After the race we headed downstream to a river and found a massive waterfall that some of us jumped off, well one of the girls did and most of the guys chickened out. Here's a video of it.

We also had a fairly steep roof on the place that we were staying at and it started from the ground, so we though we would try a few things.

But we all still have another shot this weekend in Bromont Quebec where round 6 of the World Cup series is taking place. Just got in last night and we staying at the National Cycling center near the mtn. We have a veledrome, pump track, bmx track and some MTB trails just out back. Should made for a super fun week here. Watch out for the Canadian riders tearing it up this weekend..again!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Forrest Fire

There's a wicked forrest fire going on in the Okanagan right now, actually there are 3 happening. The one is only have 5 km from my house. Not too worried at this point, all the locals have been freakin out beyound what is needed to freak out about. Since I work at a helicopter and all I was able to snatch a ride in the heli to work this morning from Peachland, then a got a boat ride home from a friends parents. Definitely a bit stressful but action packed. Here's a few cool photos from the ride in this7 morning at 7 am.

Friday, July 17, 2009

34 degrees and counting

Just got back from a good days work. Set up our painting station, I mean our Visual Safety and Location Identification station outside. Took off the shirts, oiled and soaked in some rays. Getting ready for the weekend. Parents are having a Graduation party thing for me tomorrow, lots of friends and family coming over, get to see the sister for the first time in year or so. Should be fun.

Hitting the bike pretty hard the next couple days, getting the final prep in for the Canadian World Cups. Feeling pretty dandy these days. Hoping to have a good race out east along with the other Canadian Junes. We shall kick some official euro arse.

Finally race a local crit this year, tore it up with Old Man Haaheim, CoFo, JSherbs and Mr Sean Williams, who is by the way just had child #2 a couple weeks back. Sherby rolled a break for last 15 or so min and took the "W". Meanwhile CoFo was sending out some wicked attacks, I was hurtin' in the pack, trying stuff but failing. Sean and Trev had a few good rolls out there. Anyway it was like 35 degrees out and we were just dying. Made for an interesting night.

Check out this Grand Slam dinner we had for my Mom's birthday last week. Bam!! nothing like a home cooked Guthrie meal.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Post Nationals

Just been on some R&R days. Had a wicked massage today. Legs are finally back to normal after that flight home they felt like 2X4s. Got all half assed unpacked today just so that I can repack it all again next week. Heading back out to Quebec next week for the two world cups with the National Team. Feeling pretty darn good since the race on Saturday, finally feeling I'm riding on some good form. Which is nice heading into the world cups, canada games, and worlds.

Had a good night after the race, headed to a club, met of with some of the quebec team on the way. Danced our legs off until the wee hours and then walked to our hotel. Made for an interesting night.

Just going to change the oil on my car.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Canadian MTB Nationals

Been out here in St Felicien, Quebec since Tuesday getting prepped for the National Championships. The one big race each and every rider is hoping to do well in and get the red and white jersey for the next year. I’m feeling pretty good out here, the course is amazing. Lots of single track, burms, jumps and so on. Not your usual xc course, but for a British Columbian like myself it is heaven. Just on some R&R time for the rest of the day, massaging and stretching then make some dinner. I’ll try and update how the race went over the next couple days..

Just a few photos here, saw a baby black bear out on the course pre-riding yesterday. Some lady comes running down the road yelling “OMG! A bear, Run!” I myself live in the woods, so this is an everyday occurence. So I was like sweet I have a camera and she yelled back “Are you mad, It’s a freaking bear!”. Must of have been from the heart of Toronto or something…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quebec What!

Got in late last night here in St Felician. Pretty sweet litte town. Were staying a Motel right near a river here in town. Gorgeous day today, sweating like a pig when were out riding. Rode the course today, It's amazing. Super fun and fast. Going to make for an interesting race on Saturday. Then rode back to the motel with Seb. Been hanging out in my room watching videos of Jens Voigt, he is beyond inspiring for any human being. Just heading off to bed. Check yah later

Monday, July 6, 2009


Just finishing up the packing for the next Quebec trip. National Championships are on Saturday in St Felicien, QC. Getting pretty excited for the race, my bike is running perfect at the moment and I'm feeling 110% on the bike the over the last couple days. Hopefully that carries into the weekend. Going to be coming back home for 10 days and then heading back out to Quebec for two rounds of the World Cup series. Doing it with the National Team. Should make for a fun week and a half. Then have some downtime before Canada Games in PEI.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Work Time

Been working lots the last couple weeks, trying to make some money. Yesterday tore down a crackhouse in Kelowna, found a bag of was interesting. Anyway made $25 an hour which is alright by me. Took a mellow Canada Day, needed some rest after a major lack of sleep this past weekend at Dry Grad. Been Pumping out some wicked training days, getting ready for Nationals, Need to defend that Jersey! Feeling awesome on the bike right now, have come onto some really good legs at the moment. Feeling really good about that heading into Nationals.