Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Check out a great video my neighbor Mark Jennings-Bates put together for his upcoming Flight4Life. Check out more info at

Friday, November 25, 2011

sUPER aWESOME fUN tIMES ep 1 !!!!!!

Well it's official, I have now launched my super under budget non licensed no profit show. Evan Guthrie's Awesome Inc has launched the show sUPER aWESOME fUN tIMES, all rights reserved to Evan Guthrie Awesome Inc. So let the good times roll, maybe grab a beer, a soda or a non fat soy caramel shot extra whip w/ splenda latte from Starbucks(not judging...) possibly some chips, chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, bananna or spinach if your trying to loose weight. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exploration Day a la Park City

Well I did my first real ride today in Park City, explored some quiet mountain roads, jumped some fences into gated communities, and just enjoyed the sights. I can't even explain how awesome the roads were, for 1 hr while I was in the mountains I saw one car. I did take a wrong turn and had to ride it out on a icy and snowy road down a hill with switch backs, Once I got in the groove I was crushing those turns. Think I rode up to about 8,500 ft today. Need to hit 10,000 before it snows too much!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Lastest technique for training. Note the herding noises:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Movember Canada

Please check out my Movember page and join the team and help raise awareness. There is also a donation page to help with cancer research.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Park City Utah!

Well I finished off the 2011 race season last Sunday. And I am now in Park City Utah until December 23rd. I'm lucky enough to have some amazing family friends that have given me a pretty awesome opportunity to stay with them until just before Christmas. I spent most of last week running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready and organize. I've brought down XC skis, CX bike with fenders, rollers, trainer, snowshoes and gym gear.

So pretty much everything I own. Arrived to 4 inches of snow and a absolutely beautiful area. Can't want to get out and explore the area more. First little walk/hike today:

On my last day in the Okanagan I was lucky to have an no work day so I could accomplish all the last minute stuff. Every year in Penticton there is a Jose Memorial ride on Remembrance Day for everyone to share their silence and remember those who have been lost. It was a cold day, but many toughed out the weather and gather at the top of local mtn. It just so happens the mtn is great for hiking/riding/driving up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

'Cross Nationals, Nationals Revenge 2011

Started off this last race trip of 2011 from the famous Kelowna International Airport. YLW is a pretty big deal now, as there are even direct flights to Toronto not once but twice a week. I was meeting up with Rocky Mountain Factory teammate Kevin Calhoun in Vancouver before we were off to Toronto. With blue skies and sun in the forecast it was looking to be a perfect race weekend ender of the year. I like muddy races, but clean ups not the favourite thing after you've badly hurt your body pedaling. I would go as far as saying the course was pushing some major limits to climbing in 'cross. They had a small park venue and put together a pretty good course with what they had, not going to say the three 25% climbs each lap suited me or that I liked it, but the downhill after was super awesome. It has been the only course in my four years worth of 'cross racing where I had to use the drops going downhill. It could have also been the fact that I had over 30 psi in my tubes, as most with tubulars were rolling low 20's.

Mr Evan Mcneely, Mr Connor O'brien and Mr Jeremy Martin and I had all been planning for the last month to show up with mustaches and mullets. We showed up looking dirty as can be. Sounded like the word got around as people were asking about on facial and behind the head hair competition within the 'cross competition. In the weeks leading up I was almost more amped for the hair showdown than the race!

Our U23 National Championship was set to be a hard one with about 5 riders having the chance to pull on the red and white. After a slow and cautious start Mcneely went to the front through the tight stuff and start riding away, Stafford was the only other one able to ride away from the group, since my legs were not feeling super hot I missed the move and didn't even have the chance to try and bridge. So I sat in a chase group and took turns with Jeremy Martin, Andrew L'esperance, Bailey and a new first year rider. Right when things were settling in and I started to feel a little more comfortable my chain decided it was time to break, and it was 2.5 km to the pits. Which meant I would have gotten lapped if I tried to ride and jump on my spare bike. DNF'ing is one of the things I hate the most doing in cycling. I can count on one hand how many DNF's I've had, and I hate that number when it rises. I've been through some hard times and always come back because I feel it truly shows your character. From broken handlebars, 3 broken chains in ten minutes, flats, broken seats, cuts, sprains and so on that I've made it through a broken chain just sucks, but that is 'cross, one dab of foot can lose you the race. I was pretty down all day but I needed to turn that around. Went out for some beers and giant calzone downtown Toronto. Even saw the CN tower.. Thanks to the legend Scott Kelly for a wonderful evening. Congrats to Mcneely, him and Jarred were in a league of their own today, as well as congrats to teammate Jeremy Martin for 3rd. We also did some major heckling for the Elite race, all of the top 6 U23's are good buds so we made of people, tried to make Watson quit, made fun of Glassford's Paleo diet, and even got Shep to give a mustache salute at the finish, in what he called on his last lap “a salute to a pube 'staches”. Way to go for shep taking the W back to back years.

Waking up Sunday with a no pressure and a “I don't give a sh*t” attitude I was ready for the National Revenge race. Had my beautiful Rocky Mountain Team 'cross steed all ready to rock, along with my spare bike. Pretty fortunate to have two bikes, equipped with full shimano dura-ace drivetrain, carbon dura-ace wheels, maxxis tires, easton cockpits, fi'zi:k saddles, honey stinger products, planet foods, fox racing shox to name a few of our sweet sponsors. Rolled over the start early to see if anything had changed. Someone had broken the bike wash and it had created two giant mud bogs on corners. Then the rest of the course was perfectly dry and fast. Rode some laps and felt way way better than yesterday. Contemplated hopping barriers but didn't want to crash and embarrass myself in front everyone. Today was the mixed U23/Elite race. I was fortunate enough to get a front row call up. From the gun I was good and in control. Stuck 2nd wheel to Mcneely and then took the leading heading into the hills and corners, didn't want to get caught up in the chaos. Then I could also ride my own pace and sort of rest a bit. Once Mcneely started riding away myself, Mike Garrigan and Aaron Schooler formed the chase group and rode together for a couple laps. Once Garrigan fell back, in which it saw like in pictures he was doing running 360's over the barriers..) Schooler and I took turns, we kept Mcneely at about 15-20 sec for a while, but then with about 3 laps to go we slowed a bit not wanting to do tons of work, then with 2 laps to Schooler laid down a huge dig on one of the climbs and I was hurting but for this I had to absolutely turn myself inside out to hold his wheel, I knew if I did that we would stay together to the end. I took the lead into the run up we were riding the next lap and I crested the hills with jelly feeling legs, but I kept the pressure on through the tight technical downhill switchbacks. With a 3-4 sec gap there I laid everything I had down trying to not make any errors and pushing the limits on every corner, riding faster than I had all race. I had to ride to the top of the next two climb like they were the finish. Then the gap opened more through the mud bog corners and I cruised in for 2nd with a 20 second gap on 3rd. I definitely got some revenge today. It was still unfortunate yesterday, but today made up for that. Plus Evan squared got to stand on the podium together with our gorgeous mustaches and mullets. I even raced with a chain breaker this race just in case something happend again..!

Ended off the 2011 race season with some higher spirits than I thought I would after Saturday.

It's now time for a good break that consists of some Denny's breakfasts, some DH shuttling. So pretty much everyday will be a super awesome fun day!

Since its now official, I am moving to Park City Utah for the winter! Staying with some great family friends and going to live the life. Skis, bikes, snowshoes, and gym clothes are packed and ready for some use! I am a winter person so being somewhere with snow is key for me.

Stay tuned this fall/winter some videos I'll be making to keep everyone everyone updated on things. They will be called sUPER aWESOME fUN tIMES.