Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wow, It's been a while. Guess I've gotten carried away with the work life. Just taking some time right now and enjoying the summer, hopefully won't loose too much fitness. Definitely need some down time after a roller coaster half assed season. Guess the lingering effect on mono is almost as bad as directly having mono. Will do a better post soon. My most exciting story lately is thinking my teamate and I got 1-2 in the local crit and I put my hands up as a joke to be funny, by in fact there was a break up the road and we got 5th and 6th. Emmbarassing I know.

And here is Mr 'Berta (aka Cody Canning ) ladies and gentlemen:

Notice the stuffed crotch????.....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Berta trip 2010

Thought it might be a good day, as 19 has been my favourite number since my soccer/rugby days.

Reppin' the good old compression socks! I find they make me look cool too.

Finally into the rockies after driving down some lame straight roads.

Little bit of dinner.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Edmonton Recap

Well that was my best race to date this year by far. Had a not so good start position, wasn't able to make up any places off the bat, only like 200 meters until the single track, and you know what happens there. The first 10 guys ride off and everyone else gets bottle necked. I was fortunate enough to be able to do a mid-summer cyclo-cross practice session. With a little dismount, some running and then a mount. Followed by a stupid hard effort to try and get onto the next group. I spent the first lap feeling like "I still had mono and wondering why I was continuing to race" but then by the start of the 2nd lap I caught the espoir group which had like 4 espoirs. So then I was like "ok, now its going alright" Kept trucking with them guys, pulled through because I didn't want to seem like the d-bag that just sits on the back. Then I hit the front through the technical section and rode a tad bit harder and opened a gap. So from there I tried putting on the jets and continued on my solo pursuit of my first good race of the year. Little worried because there were 4 or 5 guys working together behind me in a group, who knows if they were rolling together smoothly or playing it tactical, So I just put the head down and rode smooth and hard. I was feeling super stoked on the day, I was riding in 12th for the majority of the race, 2nd espoir. Then at around 1:45-1:50 just when I was starting the last lap I could feel the legs take a downturn and the cramps feeling like they were on there way. So on the first climb of the last lap I was automatically riding two gears easier, so it was time for damage control. I was able to only get passed by 2 guys on the last lap, one being an espoir so rolled in for 14th overall and 3rd espoir. Made some $$ too! Woot woot! Pretty stoked on that, as it was a long race and nationals should be about 20 min or so shorter. Perfect.

Helped out with the Western National Team ID Camp yesterday. Had BC, AB, and Sask athletes out. Dan Proulx, national team mtb coach, gave a good talk and we headed out on the trail for some basic and fun skills stuff. Back for some pizza and a final chat. Then took an easy afternoon.

Made the drive to Canmore this morning. Just taking a super lax day here, lots of pool and lots of interwebing. Checking out the course tomorrow, will post some photos later on.

In the meantime here are some sweet shots from the weekend:

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well howdy there. Finally all nice and settled here in Edmonton, getting ready for the Canada Cup. Rode the course yesterday and I was surprisingly impressed on the course, there are lots of open spots, but the single track makes up for it. And super stoked there isn't a climb long than about 20-30 sec. That should be right up my alley. Watched the tour this morning, stoked for Ryder Hesjedal. Sitting 3rd overall ain't too shabby at all. Anyway just heading out to ride the course again, hoping its not a peanut butter mud fest out there after the crazy tropical rain storm last night! Going to be trying many different tires out today!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here are some sweet shots my buddy Dawson Newman took:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rose Valley Dam

Had an incredible ride today, making this a dam sweet Canada Day so far. There is a little dam just up the side of a hill in Westbank, BC. It was a couple cool view points and some rad little descents. Today though I was just about to finish my ride when I saw this new trail that went up the side of the mtn, I was super curious and it was buffed right out so obviously I had to ride it...turned out to unreal, so I kept on truckin' along, getting some even more beautiful views. Had to turn back, so planning on making a sweet ride one of these days on that trail.

Here is the Garmin file from today: