Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well it's be a great 6 weeks here in Park City. I am heading home for the holidays tomorrow to enjoy some food and winter beverages with family and friends. I think come down here was really the best and funnest thing I could have done. I've explored some amazing new terrain, set new records for the highest I've ever climbed into the sky(not in a plane of course) at 3070860mm. Set new riding bikes in the winter records, along with most weird meat consumed in a week. I also tried yoga for the first time with the hopes of meeting some of the femail kind, but that turned into a sweating session as I didn't realize it was hot yoga. I already run a pretty high temperature so mixed in with a bunch(like a lot of people, you know more like a herd) of shirtless sweaty men&women in a room that you thought could only fit 10 people and all sweating, of course it rubbed off on me and then I was sweating and doing some awkward poses in a  pile of my own smelly liquid. I wouldn't recommend it for hunting, as you can't really get girls smiling and laughing in a good way when you looked like you were just swimming in your own smelly liquid.

When I get back home the first thing on my list is to drink some of Granville Island's Lions winter ale. I will give Max Plaxton full credit for getting me hooked on this beer, my grandparents even know I love it some much they stocked up their house. I'll probably just have a 6 pack of that of our local Okanagan Tree Brewing Vertical ale sitting in the trunk of my car for emergencies incase I get stuck and need to hydrate while digging my car out of the ditch, but of course avoiding drinking in my car as that illegal I believe.. It's also sounding like riding and mountain biking is in the "set to f*%$ing rock" category back home. There is definitely going to be some winter DH shuttling.

Tried to hike is a ridiculous storm yesterday with winds that were blowing me over and freezing my face so I couldn't even eat my goodies! 

There was also some good food consumption the other day. 

And mad respect for this dude:http://www.adventure-journal.com/2011/12/35031/

Friday, December 9, 2011

I am currently entering a career of painting for the next few days or so, we'll after how much time we spend together if we want to carry on with things or go our seperate ways. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little gluten free I guess is what they call this. There's a chance a might have to have some gluten loaded crackers after to feel a little normal.

This puppy is loaded with roasted asparagus, peppers, carrot, mushrooms, coliflower and broccoli. Top with some salad, chicken, avocado and bleu cheese. Yum yum yum I want you in my belly.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Check out a great video my neighbor Mark Jennings-Bates put together for his upcoming Flight4Life. Check out more info at http://www.rally4life.org/

Friday, November 25, 2011

sUPER aWESOME fUN tIMES ep 1 !!!!!!

Well it's official, I have now launched my super under budget non licensed no profit show. Evan Guthrie's Awesome Inc has launched the show sUPER aWESOME fUN tIMES, all rights reserved to Evan Guthrie Awesome Inc. So let the good times roll, maybe grab a beer, a soda or a non fat soy caramel shot extra whip w/ splenda latte from Starbucks(not judging...) possibly some chips, chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, bananna or spinach if your trying to loose weight. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exploration Day a la Park City

Well I did my first real ride today in Park City, explored some quiet mountain roads, jumped some fences into gated communities, and just enjoyed the sights. I can't even explain how awesome the roads were, for 1 hr while I was in the mountains I saw one car. I did take a wrong turn and had to ride it out on a icy and snowy road down a hill with switch backs, Once I got in the groove I was crushing those turns. Think I rode up to about 8,500 ft today. Need to hit 10,000 before it snows too much!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Lastest technique for training. Note the herding noises:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Movember Canada

Please check out my Movember page http://www.movember.com/m/1842816 and join the team and help raise awareness. There is also a donation page to help with cancer research.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Park City Utah!

Well I finished off the 2011 race season last Sunday. And I am now in Park City Utah until December 23rd. I'm lucky enough to have some amazing family friends that have given me a pretty awesome opportunity to stay with them until just before Christmas. I spent most of last week running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready and organize. I've brought down XC skis, CX bike with fenders, rollers, trainer, snowshoes and gym gear.

So pretty much everything I own. Arrived to 4 inches of snow and a absolutely beautiful area. Can't want to get out and explore the area more. First little walk/hike today:

On my last day in the Okanagan I was lucky to have an no work day so I could accomplish all the last minute stuff. Every year in Penticton there is a Jose Memorial ride on Remembrance Day for everyone to share their silence and remember those who have been lost. It was a cold day, but many toughed out the weather and gather at the top of local mtn. It just so happens the mtn is great for hiking/riding/driving up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

'Cross Nationals, Nationals Revenge 2011

Started off this last race trip of 2011 from the famous Kelowna International Airport. YLW is a pretty big deal now, as there are even direct flights to Toronto not once but twice a week. I was meeting up with Rocky Mountain Factory teammate Kevin Calhoun in Vancouver before we were off to Toronto. With blue skies and sun in the forecast it was looking to be a perfect race weekend ender of the year. I like muddy races, but clean ups not the favourite thing after you've badly hurt your body pedaling. I would go as far as saying the course was pushing some major limits to climbing in 'cross. They had a small park venue and put together a pretty good course with what they had, not going to say the three 25% climbs each lap suited me or that I liked it, but the downhill after was super awesome. It has been the only course in my four years worth of 'cross racing where I had to use the drops going downhill. It could have also been the fact that I had over 30 psi in my tubes, as most with tubulars were rolling low 20's.

Mr Evan Mcneely, Mr Connor O'brien and Mr Jeremy Martin and I had all been planning for the last month to show up with mustaches and mullets. We showed up looking dirty as can be. Sounded like the word got around as people were asking about on facial and behind the head hair competition within the 'cross competition. In the weeks leading up I was almost more amped for the hair showdown than the race!

Our U23 National Championship was set to be a hard one with about 5 riders having the chance to pull on the red and white. After a slow and cautious start Mcneely went to the front through the tight stuff and start riding away, Stafford was the only other one able to ride away from the group, since my legs were not feeling super hot I missed the move and didn't even have the chance to try and bridge. So I sat in a chase group and took turns with Jeremy Martin, Andrew L'esperance, Bailey and a new first year rider. Right when things were settling in and I started to feel a little more comfortable my chain decided it was time to break, and it was 2.5 km to the pits. Which meant I would have gotten lapped if I tried to ride and jump on my spare bike. DNF'ing is one of the things I hate the most doing in cycling. I can count on one hand how many DNF's I've had, and I hate that number when it rises. I've been through some hard times and always come back because I feel it truly shows your character. From broken handlebars, 3 broken chains in ten minutes, flats, broken seats, cuts, sprains and so on that I've made it through a broken chain just sucks, but that is 'cross, one dab of foot can lose you the race. I was pretty down all day but I needed to turn that around. Went out for some beers and giant calzone downtown Toronto. Even saw the CN tower.. Thanks to the legend Scott Kelly for a wonderful evening. Congrats to Mcneely, him and Jarred were in a league of their own today, as well as congrats to teammate Jeremy Martin for 3rd. We also did some major heckling for the Elite race, all of the top 6 U23's are good buds so we made of people, tried to make Watson quit, made fun of Glassford's Paleo diet, and even got Shep to give a mustache salute at the finish, in what he called on his last lap “a salute to a pube 'staches”. Way to go for shep taking the W back to back years.

Waking up Sunday with a no pressure and a “I don't give a sh*t” attitude I was ready for the National Revenge race. Had my beautiful Rocky Mountain Team 'cross steed all ready to rock, along with my spare bike. Pretty fortunate to have two bikes, equipped with full shimano dura-ace drivetrain, carbon dura-ace wheels, maxxis tires, easton cockpits, fi'zi:k saddles, honey stinger products, planet foods, fox racing shox to name a few of our sweet sponsors. Rolled over the start early to see if anything had changed. Someone had broken the bike wash and it had created two giant mud bogs on corners. Then the rest of the course was perfectly dry and fast. Rode some laps and felt way way better than yesterday. Contemplated hopping barriers but didn't want to crash and embarrass myself in front everyone. Today was the mixed U23/Elite race. I was fortunate enough to get a front row call up. From the gun I was good and in control. Stuck 2nd wheel to Mcneely and then took the leading heading into the hills and corners, didn't want to get caught up in the chaos. Then I could also ride my own pace and sort of rest a bit. Once Mcneely started riding away myself, Mike Garrigan and Aaron Schooler formed the chase group and rode together for a couple laps. Once Garrigan fell back, in which it saw like in pictures he was doing running 360's over the barriers..) Schooler and I took turns, we kept Mcneely at about 15-20 sec for a while, but then with about 3 laps to go we slowed a bit not wanting to do tons of work, then with 2 laps to Schooler laid down a huge dig on one of the climbs and I was hurting but for this I had to absolutely turn myself inside out to hold his wheel, I knew if I did that we would stay together to the end. I took the lead into the run up we were riding the next lap and I crested the hills with jelly feeling legs, but I kept the pressure on through the tight technical downhill switchbacks. With a 3-4 sec gap there I laid everything I had down trying to not make any errors and pushing the limits on every corner, riding faster than I had all race. I had to ride to the top of the next two climb like they were the finish. Then the gap opened more through the mud bog corners and I cruised in for 2nd with a 20 second gap on 3rd. I definitely got some revenge today. It was still unfortunate yesterday, but today made up for that. Plus Evan squared got to stand on the podium together with our gorgeous mustaches and mullets. I even raced with a chain breaker this race just in case something happend again..!

Ended off the 2011 race season with some higher spirits than I thought I would after Saturday.

It's now time for a good break that consists of some Denny's breakfasts, some DH shuttling. So pretty much everyday will be a super awesome fun day!

Since its now official, I am moving to Park City Utah for the winter! Staying with some great family friends and going to live the life. Skis, bikes, snowshoes, and gym clothes are packed and ready for some use! I am a winter person so being somewhere with snow is key for me.

Stay tuned this fall/winter some videos I'll be making to keep everyone everyone updated on things. They will be called sUPER aWESOME fUN tIMES.

Monday, October 31, 2011

BC Cup hits the interior finally!!

Well after a race free weekend last weekend with some awesome MTB rides under the blue skies and sun I was ready for some more cx racing. Catharine Pendral had her BC Cup CX race in Kamloops yesterday. Other than thew ridiculously strong winds it was a great day. Costumes were flowing in the wind, our cookie medals were being ate on the podium and there was even a kids race!! With a total of 4 people in the elite race..it was interesting, along with a big battle for the podium. It was pretty dissapointing that not many coastal racers showed. As interior people drive down all fall long and the coastal people can't drive up once...sad I know. Thanks to the ones who did.

Anyway after Keith Wilson won his race, Catharine won her we needed to keep the win within the interior riders, and that meant myself or Matt Hewitt. We started somewhat fast and I wanted a clear shot at the barriers to have my first superman hopping experience. I was worried because Our favourite cross dressing Matt Hewitt was on my a*s the first couple laps, until he opted for a wheel change..why would be do that when he was so close.. I have always have motivation when someone is chasing to try and get further away, but when you have a cross dresser chasing at your behind I always seem to have a little more energy to try and distance myself...

After our first couple lap battle I was riding solo in the front, trying to have a good time and give some kids some high fives along the way. As well as throw out some uber sweet cx bike tweaks in the BMX track. As well as getting heckled by Keith Wilson, telling me his wife was riding faster. Probably true, but fine with me as shes has one of them multi coloured rainbow looking jerseys, shes supposed to be pretty fast.

As you see my forward akward podium pose here, there was a certain tight crotchle region in this suit, as it was a kids one. So I was trying to be a decent human being and not show my certain areas to everyone.

Some of the little tearing up the course! this guy is going to be making the big bucks in 20 years!

Hey buddy where's you bike!? I guess is doesn't matter, he's having fun and were having fun watching!

Monday, October 24, 2011

After a sweet single track ride yesterday with some friends I got the pleasure of driving home to a nice f 350 in the ditch. No one no skids and bloody bandages led me to believe something was fishy. Did some future police investigating and came to the assumption that the driver was a moron.

I had another holy Evan day today. Massage, coffee, chiro, clothes shopping, car work and tv. Refreshed and ready for another good week of good training and work.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Race Clean, Own Your Victory

You just can't say it enough. As an athlete trying to make it in a sport as clean as one can be, it just puts a smile on my face when hearing of other athletes getting caught for doping. Lets just call them Dopers not athletes, because they are taking short cuts and making the rest of the cycling world look bad. But as you can see it will come back to bite them in the A**.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Local Weekend

After a pretty relaxing weekend after Fort Collins I was feeling now half decent. Hopped on the big bike for a couple sweet mountain bike rides this week. It's definitely cold now, it went from shorts and jerseys to leg warmers and long sleeve's pretty quick.

Saturday was the 2nd annual Le Tour De Okanagan Spinathon, which is a charity spinathon for http://rally4life.org/ It's for a great cause so there was no way I wasn't going to be there. Pinnacle Elite Athlete was nice enough to sponsor it and let everyone use their gym. We had bikes hooked up to power tacx trainers and 4 stages lined up. With 4 man teams it was set to be a good battle. With one member from our team bailing I stepped up and rode two stages, so that was 2X50 min races on a trainer totaling 2:15. So my trainer riding went from 0-massive amounts pretty quick. Luckily it was pretty fun out there so I enjoyed every minute. We had lots of money raised so it was a success! I came out of that pretty tired, but i rested up for the big CX race the next day.

Sunday turned into another Okanagan bluebird day, other than the freezing cold morning temperatures it was a great day. Organizers really stepped up and brought one of the best CX races into the interior yet. With an awesome course, coffee, live band and tons of spectators it was the best reaction yet from crowds and racers. We all had a pretty fun time out there, had pop tart, dill pickle and bacon hand outs at the top of the run up. And some good heckling forsure. I had some good legs today and was able to take the win, Mrs Catharine Pendral took the womens as well. I won a plate sized cookie, which I started eating right away..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fort Collins USGP Rounds 3&4

Well I have now completed my first US Grand Prix weekend of Cyclo-Cross. Couldn't of done it without Maxxis-Rocky Mountain mechanics Gary and James. Not used to having a trailer, let alone one that's heated. As well as 2 pit people. Did my first bike change during the Saturday race as the nice mud started to turn into nutella halfway through..

I flew into Boulder Thursday and stayed the mechanics house. Geoff arrived Friday morning and we got out for a spin at the local bike park. Did some sweet laps on their CX course and contemplated laps of the 4X course, but we thought all the "cool" young dirt jumpers would make fun of us. So we rode the mini non see-able 4X course and tried a mini wall ride on the CX bikes..

Saturday was a slow morning with coffee shop interwebbing followed by the drive to Fort Collins from Boulder. We heard it snowed overnight in Denver and was sleeting in Boulder. I was hoping for snow on the ground but I settled for rain and mud. We arrived to a beautiful course layout on the side of a hill(racer's garmins showed about 950 ft of climbing each race). The trailer was warm. I sort of did a junior move this weekend and brought clothes for winter conditions, just not clothes for wet winter conditions. Made pre-riding, changing, riding, racing, changing kinds tough. Lots of layers proved best against the wet and mud. I wouldn't call Sunday my best race so far this CX season. Set my sights high after a 9th at Starcrossed..since then things have seemed to not be as good. I would have called Saturday my perfect race consitions, but with not snap in the legs and no massive horse power that meant slow riding in the mud. I had to settle for 20th and 4th U23. I really wanted to be on the U23 podiums..but I failed there..I guess riding in your 38t small ring all race doesn't say 'fast'.

Saturday night was a tough clean up with our bath tub looking like someone dumped a wheels barrow of dirt it. I had the blow dryer just sitting in my shoes for long periods of time to dry off. Dinner out seemed to fill my belly well and good sleep led to me waking up feeling pretty dam decent. Another coffee shop morning, with a whole foods visit and beer run for post race. Had to get Geoff to buy beer for me, sucks being legal for almost 2 year in Canada and then going to the states seems like I'm still in high school. Showed up at the course with it looking like a crew came and paved it. 100% opposite conditions for both days. I would have thought I would sh*t the bed even worse Sunday but I had better legs and actually used my big rings which meant I was going faster. I started to feel better near the end, almost wished for the first time in my life the race would have 1 more lap. Finished a way better day for 16th, I missed 3rd U23 by a matter of feet at the finish, and 2nd U23 was only 20 sec away. Balls. Came close to the goals but still empty handed. Good weekend of knowledge put into my head as well as some more motivation. Although I now get to go home and tell me friends that Sunday I made a whopping 29 dollars...they couldn't even make it an even $30 for my dignity. After a pretty quick clean up and watching Barry Wicks do a reverse donut to burnout and spary mud all over the Kona trailer in a Gran Marquis we were off to Boulder. Settled for pink burgers for Thanksgiving dinner. Had the nice 4:45 AM wake up, bonus was I finished my 10 HR travel by 3 PM.

Had some days back at work, followed by a wicked long travel bike ride in the rain. Trails were minty! This week focus is some good food and some sweet downhill trails.

-Gossip Girl

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Found another sweet cheering shot from MTB Worlds. This was the start of how I lost my voice for a couple days..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Racing with the Big Boys

Just hanging out in the Vancouver waiting to head on down to Denver Colorado for some USGP action with Mr Geoff Kabush and Gary Wolff.http://www.usgpcyclocross.com I thought I would just jump into some big CX races this fall and see what happens. I've already enjoyed it and seeing now what I can do with it.

Last time I updated I was just getting ready for a big weekend of local CX/MTB racing. Saturday was the local CX race, which is a apart of Catharine Pendral's interior 'cross series. Event was great, and Jeff Plant the course designer put in a ton of man hours and bobcat hours making sure the course was 100% dialed as can be. I didn't hear one complaint all day, just saw smiles. Especially when their names were called the most waited prizes of the day, The pie's. After that I decided that eating a pizza at 2:30 in the afternoon was a sufficient enough of food for the rest of the day, even though there was a 4 hour enduro MTB the next morning. Race went well, I was able to take the W infront of Kamloopian Mr Keith Wilson. I was also able to turn a little hill top roller into a sweet spot for a boosting CX bike tweaks..

Sunday came quick and so did the bonk...Funny enough on Saturday I was talking with Mrs. Pendrals husband Keith Wilson and he was giving me tips on how to create and conquer the perfect bonk, I was thrilled to get these tips I had never experienced the full blown bonk. I was up early and out the door early to get to the event to help if needed and get our Bike Barn team area all set up. I was hoping to get in a solid 4 hrs hard ride today, and hopefully not dig myself a big whole of fatigue. But immediately there were guys sticking my wheel and staying there, I don't like riding in groups so I was made a couple little efforts to get out alone, I was really trying to just get away from Axel Merckx, as I was talking some smack before hand. Him and his wife came away with the mixed team win. I carried on along for the first 4 laps and all I sudden I thought hey its 2:15 into 4 hrs and I eaten and drank like its a 1:30 XC race..and ridden a pace for like a 2.5 hr race..Then the body started shutting down and I tried to eat cookies, drink red bull for wings and takes gels for a quick boost until all the other food kicked in. I lost the lead while eating and drinking in the feed zone. And started lap 5 and then Boom! the bonk came knocking, I slowed down and tried to not cramp up. Then all of a sudden I found myself walking the steep hills, then walking the flats and then almost having to walk the downhills. I was full on into the bonk zone and pain cave at this time of 2:45. I was doing steady 30 min laps and then my 5th, which turned into my final, was 50 min..I just so made it back to the team tent and decided for a sit down. Not being able to eat because my gut was like a washing machine with jet fuel in, I just laid there and tried to soak in and enjoy the bonk as much as possible. After an hour of this I decided it was time for the self-assisted throw up so that I could eat! After successfully accomplishing the emptying of my stomach I had a nice bowl of rice and started to get back to real life. Then I opted for the double cheesburger with mushrooms. This seemed to solve all my problems, as within a half hour I was back to normal, a shame I know. Not the best personal day, but the event, the smiles, the kids, the families it was amazing. I was truly glad to be apart of such a great event. Hopefully its a go for next year!

After a week of some junior style recovery movies(i.e. nothing..)Moving some heavy furniture, trying to sleep at 6,000 in prep for Fort Collins, later nights, early morning drive to the race, 20 min warm up and 1 lap on course I was ready for a great day! I was still convinced in pre-ride that I was ready to kill it. But after lap 1 when I couldn't even follow a simple move I knew I was done for. I just tried to ride and get back on that front group for the first 4-5 laps and after I knew that was never going to happen I just settled and tried to smile for people and pretend I was didn't want to throw my bike. Tyler Trace once again 3 years in a row took the convincing win with Andrew Pinfold not too far off. Kevin Noiles in third Kevin Calhoun in and 4th and myself taking the final podium spot. I was pretty pissed with having to drive 7.5 hrs in total that day for a 1 race of shitting the absolute bed. After driving a friend back to UBC I was on my way home, opting for some better recovery food and some stretching before/during/after the race I'm hoping to come around for this weekend, it's a big trip, big races and lots on the line. Need some show myself this weekend for sure. After the most rain I've ever seen in the Okanagan in 1 week I should be rested, as that meant a couple easy days on the trainer and some good cooking!

Out for now


Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall time = Fun time!

First day of fall and 29 degrees!? Yep that's why we live in the Okanagan, can't get enough of this place.

Well MTB season and has now transformed into Cyclo-Cross season. My other love in the sport of two wheeled pedal bikes..next comes the adult trikes. I took little rest time after my trip home from Worlds, but it turned out to just be a 'get over the jet-lag and learn to mount and dismount my CX bike again'. I had a unreal package show in the mail from my team Rocky Mountain Bicycles www.bikes.com and in there was this:
We on the Factory RMB team are luckily enough to have the best sponsors in the world with Shimano drivetrain and wheelshttp://www.shimano.com/, Easton cockpit(because you need something good to grab-a-hold ofhttp://www.eastoncycling.com/en-us/road/) and Maxxis tires to keep me uphttp://www.maxxis.com/ and of course Fi'zi:k saddles to get my special place safe.http://www.fizik.it/

I made the decision for 1st CX race of the year to be Starcrossed, and Rapha-Focus GP, two UCI C2 races. Definitely the right decision as I surprised myself with a 9th on Day 1 and not quite as stellar 13th on Day 2. I was beyond pleased with the weekend, as I now know with some real training I can be right up there. Fox Racing Shox, one of our other wicked sponsors, put up a nice race report: http://www.foxracingshox.com/news.php?m=bike&id=1271&ref=newspageThe highlight of the weekend was taking the holeshot in Starcrossed ahead of Bart Wellens, Rob Peeters, Ryan Trebon, Jon Page, Todd Wells etc...! And if you watch the video you can see I almost didn't make the first turn!: http://wn.com/2011_Starcrossed_CX__Full_Race_Recap__Part_1 I had a little bit of an explosion after that and it took me a while to recovery and fall back in the field and then caught the 2nd wind and rode back in for 9th. I've gotten close to mastering my 2nd stomach, where I can really push the human food eating limits. So now I just need to apply some of that to racing.

Decided to take 'cross a little more seriously this year, so I have booked for the Fort Collins USGP on Oct 8th-9th. Exciting, as it seems to be the most MTB style course according to Mr Kabush. Just need to find some way to deal with breathing up in the sky. And now its internet official according to Evan Mcneely http://www.evanmcneely.blogspot.com/ we have decided to grow mullets and moustaches for 'cross Nationals, so look out for a Moustache/Mullet attack from Evan2, that is Evan Squared incase you didn't didn't get it..

I've enjoyed getting back to work at, the bestest place in the world, The Bike Barn. One of my great supporters that is gracious enough to give me a job when I am at home. We have a great crew at the shop, we even have them aussie's around to keep it light. We are currently planning our Movember ideas.. We also have also have a big deal triathlete, Jeff Symonds, you may have head of him. He just got 3rd at Ironman 70.3 Worlds. World Championship medal is alright I guess...http://jeffsymonds.blogspot.com/

Right now I am thinking back on all the Tim Bits I had today, I had a good 4 day streak there of no sweets but caved badly today. Now I'm eating a massive salad to try and make myself feel well balanced on all levels. Tomorrow is our first local CX race, which is part of Catharine Pendral's BC Interior 'Cross series. We have a ton of local's coming out and some great people that have put together a great course with what they had to work with. And on Sunday is a race we are trying to get everyone in town behind, The Test of Humanity, a great way to help support and raise awareness for Canadian Humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia. In its first year there is 188 entries, going to be a fun exciting day.

Other than that life is rad, weather's good and its almost time for me to start thinking about sunny weather in January/Febuary for some pedaling.

Here's a couple cool shots from Starcrossed:

Evan out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 MTB Season a Wrap.

Well 2011 has been great, met me goals for races to be at, never met the goals of how I wanted to place. But its a great start from a nothing year of 2010. This year I needed to make it back to racing at the international level, that I achieved after consistent early season Canada Cup. Afetr a somewhat dissapointing World Cup showing in North America and a average Nationals race everything came together at the Canada Cup Finals in Edmonton where I took my first pro win. From then on I was thinking World might be a possibility now and I was all ready to train for it, but a nice sinus infection took the best of me for 2 weeks, with having lost that form that I was hoping would take me to Worlds for a good results I was just trying to stay healthy, keep rested and get the stoke level up to a 10/10. With everything achieved except for rest..I was ready to go when I got the Worlds confirmation email. It was 6 U23 riders, the biggest U23 team Canada has had since 2006 I believe. So it was great to have so many high end riders with many opportunities of seizing the day for Canada. With a great Junior womens day, 7th in Team Relay, solid junior mens day it was time for the espoirs to put in their digs. It was going to be tough as the U23 World Cup champ was lining up along with a consistent top-10 Elite World Cup rider. After the start loop I was sitting near the back of the field, having not raced in almost 6 weeks and having no snap in the the legs it was shaping up for a tough day in the saddle, I slowly worked up a little gaining time on the technical areas and the descents, but loosing more time on the steep climbs. If only I was able to climb somewhat better than a cadet sport rider I was maybe have had a great day. But our racing is about fitness not technical ability, although this course is the most technical course on the circuit next to Monte-Sainte-Anne, QC the ability to suck suck while going downhill over roots and rocks fast did help me have an average day with flat feeling legs. We had some amazing support from the Canadian Juniors and U23 women, I was definitely able to put on a little bit more of a hurt face while riding past them, and tried to slay the downhill for them to make it somewhat interesting when watching the riders near the back of the field come through. Jeremy Martin and Leandre Bouchard of QC both had stellar races, Leandre was the first U23 Canadian to crack the top-30 at Worlds since Raph Gagne was 7th in 2008. There seems to be a bright future of U23 coming through, as I was the oldest at Worlds as a 2nd year U23 riders, I was 2 years left and all the others have 3! Crazy I know, but it is the best way for things to be, as the development will be crucial. And with having the CCA(Canadian Cycling Association) and such great staff for these projects there is no reason why Canada can not have future World Champions in any cycling discipline. Having a DH World title with Lauren Rosser in 2010, and now an Elite XC World title with Catharine Pendral. We as Canadians I think are now hungrier than ever. Also can't forget to mention two Bronze medals for Dh with Lauren Rosser in junior women and a huge Elite women DH break through with Claire Buchar in 3rd...wow I know.

Catharine's ridiculously excited cheering squad at the podium:
Thanks to Rob Jones @ canadiancyclist.com

Had an awesome celebratory night for Catharine with some Pizza this past Saturday night with all of Team Canada. There was lots of emotion flowing through the place, I was hardly able to talk as I had to used all my voice screaming for Catharine during her race. I was speechless after, as its something she and coach Dan Proulx have been chasing for a while, and I was so glad to be there and able to in some way be a part of it. It will be with us all for a long long time.

Cheering on our Canadians, Emily rode a solid 8th place. I swear we were cheering louder than the Swiss crowds!

We enjoyed a great post race day ride with our southern friends from the USA. Did a wicked ride up and over the tail end of the alps into the land of french speaking people. Did a quick photoshoot and rode back in time to watch our Canadian girl become World Champ.

We were lucky the CCA had us in such a great location, minutes from the course, beside a grocery store and near some of coolest areas to ride I been to: