Evan Guthrie

Hometown: Peachland, BC, Canada
Age: 21
Height: 5"12..
Weight: Not skinny
Team: Norco Factory Team

Interests: Bikes, cars, adventures, snow, growing mustaches, guns, hiking, dirtbiking, XC skiing, BBQ'ing, Creekin' or the swimming

Favorite Foods: Gluten dense foods, red meat and the occasional cookie. Honey Stinger products, luckily their sponsorship helps me go faster and cures my sweet tooth.

   My name is Evan Guthrie, and I grew up in the Okanagan Valley and am now currently living in Peachland, B.C. From a young age I was quite the handful. My boundless energy kept my parents racing after me, and it made the picnic tables quake in fear as I came upon them for my usual “bike ride” at the age of 4. But by the age of 7, the picnic tables were able to retire as dirt jumps and ditches became my bike's next target. Finally, by the age of 12, everything was safe as I began competeing in BC Cups. Yet, as we all know, boys go through phases, and as I neared age 15, jumps and “free riding” became my thing, and from that my cross country racing career took off. Now biking was not the only sport in my fast paced life, I partook in many sports from a young age such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross country running, and rugby, but biking has been the only one to stick with me throughout my 21 years. After cross country racing took hold, in two year I be competing in the Junior 17-18 year old category in the World Cup and World Championship races and became a 4 time National Champion in cross country mountain biking and cyclo-cross; and all of this completed by the age of 18. Well we can see that my energy level has never been wasted. From this point on, I was now ready to enter the Under 23/Pro/Elite level of racing. Everything seemed to be going in my favour when it hit me, mononucleosis. Needless to say, my 2012 season was a write off. Eventually in 2011 I made my way back to the national and international level on the National Team. This past past year was spent with lots of travelling and racing in the World Cups and I am still in the process of completing my 2012 season. With all that I have accomplished in my short 21 years, my parents have managaed to keep up with me, especially my dad Jerry, who chased me around the picnic table at age 4, with the lawn mower at age 12, and always on his bike throughout the 21 years. Jerry can still “keep up” of course. I have set many goals and made them in my career so far, but I still have that one large goal that I am striving for: making the Olympics and competing for Team Canada.


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