Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MTB National Team Camp - Carlsbad, CA

After four days of bike riding on the southern California coast I can say my legs are tired. Yesterdays 5 hour ride with a monster climb up to, through and past the snowline made for the biggest/hardest/longest training ride I've done in a while. That is one side of the camp is bike riding, which is expected, but the most enjoyable part is the team bonding and Supercross event we attended the other night. Bigger, better and just more awesome of an update will be coming soon..hopefully! Were keeping busy and gettin' fit. Here's a quick look through the lens of the first four days:

Also, GPS of the rides via Stava can be found HERE.

 Mr Kris Sneddon
 Water and food break.
 San Clemente

 You may recognize this house from Top Gun, ladies Maverick may be the secret word to understanding this photo..
 Only in 'merica, $11 for crap beer, really?
Rode up Mt Palomar.
 I would like to say I REALLY enjoyed watching this.
 Team Canada mechanics Scott Kelly and Adam Trotter are miracle workers, they literally make dreams come true.
I cracked after riding the other day, no choice but to consume as many calories as possible in the shortest time.

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LB said...

That climb looks awesome! One of these (many) trips we take to LA we should check it out. Tour of California 2013 is going to go up it.