Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Paleos'

Lately I've been feeling like I need a change. And I believe that change is going to come from a diet change, which I have been thinking should be the Paleo diet. I hear it consists of lasagna type meals, cookies, beer, choclate bars and so on. This is better than the kind of diet where you only eat meet, veggies and sweet potatoes for carbs. We have been trying this out on our Canada Cup trip. And by we I mean Andrew L'esperance, Zach Hughes, Matt Paziuk, Jarred Stafford and the one and only Havy. We have been feeling bloated and tired after dinner, but the next day we feel like we have an unlimited amount of carbs at our disposal. Demonstrated below is how I caught a meal and used it to my advantage last year before CX Provincials:

Since Matt Paziuk has been the master at teaching us “easting into the day” so far this trip we have become great at catching our food while easing. A little while back I caught this in the bulk food section. She was a hard one to reel in, but I conquered it in one night:

Back in April I was doing a bicycle race on skinny tires, and after being out front the whole time have that group chase me I felt like I needed a break on my way home to watch some Gossip Girl and fuel up. Luckily in Ricky Federeau's hometown there is a Schnitzel burger joint. This was probably my easiest catch yet:

Sometimes while I'm working at The Bike Barn people tend to hide these Paleo meals into our mechanic area...and since I work in the mechanic area these tend to land right in our laps:

I was lucky enough to get involved with Matt Paziuk in the making of a new website! Check it eh!

Anyway back to bicycle trip Quebec. After our little creekin' sesh last Sunday night. We decided it might good to give our little Zachy Hughes a haircut. Now you can all imagine how well we brainstormed. But Zatch was a little iffy on some of the ideas. We decided this might be a good situation to use the helmet cam.

Then Mr Havy stepped in and perfected the absolutely stunning mullet. He came up with a new cut called the 'freedom strip'. We were all impressed and excited on this.

We arrived in Baie-St Paul Quebec on Tuesday evening to a beautiful rustic country home. And since I am tagging along with a group of beautys, there's wasn't an extra room available. So I have to stay in the basement. Its a little chilly, and tricky to get in and out of, but it has a dirt floor.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello again Quebec

So to start off my trip my mother made me a very nice vegetarian meal the night before I left.

Since I was going to be heading out east I needed a lot of stuff, and by stuff really just crap I think I think I am going to need but not really. But luckily I have a sweet weight scale and my hockey bag. I was able to get through the airport with 0 $ in charges and left them lovely check-in girls with some made up goalie stories..

I put a lot of pressure on myself for the first Canada Cup race as it was my first big race from the 2010 year of Mononucleosis. Plus is was my Grandad's birthday and he found out a few weeks ago he has lung cancer, and my buddy Nick Geddes and amazing young DH'er who has been recently diagnosed with Leukemia. So I put some special stickers and peices of paper on my bike that were going to make me think of that and how life is too short and take everything out of it while you can!

As most people know cyclists are coffee drinkers. And not the usual lets go hit Timmys and get a triple triple. If you were to come and stay at our place and listen to bean types, specific grinds, bodums, stove tops and coffee makers. We found a 1 cup bodum but thats crazy. So Mr Haviland invested in a 12 cupper. Which I call the Man Cupper.

Oh and when I was in the Calgary airport I heard a guy order an 8 shot espresso with 1 shot mocha, and his gf order a non-fat soy latte with non-real sugar..and a shot of caramel. What happend to ordering a coffee?

Anyway I also wanted to sent a huge shout-out to my unbelievably awesome team and Maxxis tires..they are the best hands dowm. Nuff said.

Race Recap:

-Listen to Ricky Federeau starting yelling "7 layer cheese cake, 7 layer cheese cake" with 30 sec to go before the start.

-Burst out laughing

-Start in the high 30s

-Start, lose positions, gain positions, loose positions, stay put, have an "awesome bike handler" fall infront of me before the singletrack.

-Somehow a french guy managed to get sideways and t-bone me on a straight stretch and yell "tabarnac" at me.

-It was so hot my hands felt like they were melting

-Laugh at Ricky again when his way of getting us to pass people is by saying "move! you have two BC guys behind you!"

-rode slow behind some technically un-gifted riders on the decent one lap

-tried to drift a cobbled corner through the village in-front of like 100 people and slid out and got some beauty road rash

-picked people off

-almost had a wicked two-up bike throw sprint

-sat on the ground after the race and drank a coke

-wore a skinsuit for the first time ever in a mtb race

-thought about cooling down but decided it would be better to eat my sandwich

Sunday came around and we went creekin'. I was accompanied by the ever so wonderful Andrew Lesperance, Zach Hughes and Jarred Stafford.

We've also been learning the art of easing into the day from Matt Pazuik. Which consists of long mornings with coffee, food and laptopping.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Little clip from today's DH shred
So last weekened was the first MTB race of the year. To sum it up, Snapped chain twice, crashed, took wrong turn and bonked hard from chasing too hard. But the trail were so good over there on the Sunshine Coast that it was hard to be mad. I was planning on racing the DH Sunday to make it a double header but my chain broke again after the race, so I wasn't really in the mood anymore, and apparently I needed a lame. They also didn't want me to race Pro because I was an "XC'er".

Last week our weather decided it was time to catch up on some not needed rain. I did get in a nice rainless ride Wednesday. I think I've already said, but who cares, the Okanagan right now is so good for riding I feel that not enough people are taking advantage of it. So I'm trying to accomplish that by myself.

On a side note. I think I found the best thing ever to help keep cool during a hot race. Last week we had a massive sale at The Bike Barn ( someone came across these wonderful pieces of history:

This morning I did a little hike-a-bike. Found a sweet trail yesterday and thought it might be good for dh shred on cam. It was such a bluebird day here I decided to do a little Go Pro photo along the way. The cool thing about automatic photo on the Go pro is you get some cool photos without having to search for it.