Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rest Day and Hockey

Woke up this morning to a torrential downpour down here in Tucson AZ. We are 80 miles from the Mexican border and its pouring rain here..Something weird is going on. Thinking we all might head to the YMCA and hit the gym and pool, maybe get are biceps and abs all pumped up and head into the pool so we don't look overly skinny compared to all the "larger looking" Americans down here. We don't want to make them feel too bad because its really going to hurt them when we crush them in Hockey this afternoon. I swear to god if we loose the game I am going to fly straight home.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Picture Update

Cycling BC in Tucson AZ!

Made my transfer from the National team camp down here, to the Cycling BC provincial team camp. First was far from good, as it was very shitty out, haven't ridden in the rain for ages. And the teams moron leader(myself..) got everyone lost...Other than that the last few days have been just exquisite, big words from a cyclist, I know. Day 2 was a long one for some, group a rode 165 km with a 40 min team time trial at tempo, I myself was sick, and chose to sit behind group b and do nothing but ride easy! The riders then rode over Gates Pass on the way home, with the lovely slope at some points hitting 16%, some thought that was tough, ridiculous I know. Day 3 was the famous Mt Lemon climb, 25 miles of about 5-6%, around 2 hours of steady climbing, a dream climb for riders like Erik Mulder, pushing 210 lbs of man-ness up that so called climb. Today was an easy day, which consisted of a 2 hour ride to the coffee shop and back, but the interesting part of the ride was our one and half hour sit down at the coffee shop located right beside the University of Arizona, and did we see some talent there! Cyclists I mean of course... Pretty excited for another week and half of tearing it up, heading out to shred the mtb tomorrow with fellow Canadian espoir Cody Canning. Big shout out to the people making the this camp possible, Haywood Capital Markets and Adera Group.

Evan Guthrie aka Gross Truie....Google translate that!

Tucson Law Enforcement

Just some local Policeman I thought that deserved a shout out for those short shorts!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

50 Year Old Trail in Tucson

CCA Tucson MTB Blog Wrap Up

You just gotta wrap wrap wraaapppp it up as my favourite teacher used to say way back when I graduated highschool in 2009. Today was the last day of training on our 10-day National Team trip down here in Tucson, AZ. We have all had some great days down here in the saddle and around the hottub and pool of course. Yesterday we finished up our last day on the phat tires. Rode some trails in the Fantasy Island bike park. It was a pretty cool area as we could keep it in the big ring the whole time and just fly through the trails not always knowing how tight the next turn was going to be, sometimes in resulted in a foot down, or riding off the trail, some got lucky enough to become close enough with the cactus's that they latched on and became buddies, I myself happen to shoot off the trail and jump through a fair sized bush. No biggie though, just rode it out like nothing went down.

We had some good team bonding going on this week, mainly the nightly hottub at around 9 pm. We would gather and wait for out National Team Hottub coach to come out. That of course is Scott our mechanic/mentor. Some have been making up water competitions, other have been jumping off peoples shoulders in the water and doing flips. Just having a grand old time basically. The camp seemed to be really good for every athlete, as lots didn't know everyone here. I think I can know say everyone knows who's who and get along just dandy.

Big thanks to all the staff down here helping out, having a camp like this is huge to young riders like myself, as we look up our elder athletes and learned a ton throughout the duration of this camp.

Evan Guthrie...Eh!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Summitting Mt Lemon

Here`s a link to the Mt Lemon ride we did the other day. That was some elevation gain alright. Highlight of my day was forsure the chocolate chip cookie the size of a dinner plate. Unreal. Then it was like 7,500 ft of descending on road bikes averaging like 60 kp/h. Averaged like 216 watts for 5 hours. Pretty good day in the shamois.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mellagrossa-Tucson AZ

Did an absolute epic mtb ride yesterday. Climbed up to the 4000 ft level. Rode to the base of the mtn, which was over an hour, then climbed for over an hour and half, descended some of the most beautiful trails in the Tucson. The climb was just a fire road but the single track made up for it all. I spend most of the day up from riding with Max Plaxton and Derek Zandsta. Who are both fast and good technical riders, I was going super hard to keep up with them, but it was worth it to follow those guys down the mountain.And of course I was eating my Dr Vie bars which kept me going and gave me enough energy to not die out there in the sun. We had a solid 45 min descent on some fast smooth trails and some super bumpy hard technical trails. For me it was a day in heaven with my new special bike. Had one of the national team helmet cams on, so hopefully I can get some of that footage soon and you will then understand how amazing this ride was.

Rode two and half hours on the mountain bikes today, a trail called starr's pass. It was full up steps, so we practiced our hopping skills. All the ladies and gents did well and managed just fine.

Tomorrow we are climbing Mt Lemon, right up top to the ski hill, 24 miles and beautiful climbing. Should be a hella fun day in the saddle, Hello saddle sore!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

CCA Blog Post

CCA Tucson Blog

Sunday Febuary 14, 2010

Dear Diary,

I had a feelin' that today was gonna be a good ride, that today was a gonna be a good ride, a good good ride...Anyway today was a grand old time on the dirt bicycles. We had a good group of riders out, all were eager to finally ride their mountain bikes, as most were coming from climates that are a little more snowy then to Tucson's 25 degrees and sun. We rode 50 year old trail for warm up until we hit this little loop we were going to practise our skills on. Did two loops of a twisty up and down little trail, where riders rode with peers of different abilities and I think I speak for all when riding behind technical wizards like Geoff Kabush and Max Plaxton we all learn and few pointers. Kabush gave a few “words of wisdom” to us all, about just conserving energy over little sections and using that on more important sections like climbs, and different riding style's of riding for different conditions and courses.

Personally I like to play a lot while riding bike, like drifting corners, doing wheelies and the occasional donkey to heel clicker, but while riding behind some of the older riders, not to point any fingers or anything, I just found how they ride their bicycles like civilized people and focus on being efficient and smooth, which is what you need to do for races, and it finally struck me, of course you need to have fun, but if I'm always doing cool things all the time that means I never get time to practice what I need to do for races. And of course now that I am no longer a junior I have to ride like a MAN. I served my two years of being the “june” or “stupid junior” so its now man time!

We then headed off again into the cactus forest to ride some more trail, I must say I have been ancy to get out on the dirt for the past month, so riding up and down rocks faces, railing corners, crossing creeks, well I shouldn't call them creeks as much little gatherings of water per say. Some riders got flat tires, other burped tires and some even got lucky enough to encounter cactus friends that had latched onto their gloves, shoes, arms and fingers.

Most of us enjoyed the cosmic rays the sun was putting out today. Maybe some enjoyed it more than other, as myself I have been trying for over a year to loose my tan lines, but I have to come to the conclusion it will never happen, so keep trying. If the ladies don't like it then so be it.

Evan Guthrie, or as the french call me “Evan Gross Truie”

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mt Lemon

There is a link to ride we did today, Mt Lemon, if your a cyclist and know anything about cycling you will have heard about it.

Really rad ride today, climbed way up into the mountains, climbed a total of 6000 thousand feet today. Had some excellent views and got to catch up with some fellow Canadians Eh. Averaged 200 watts today for s suppose to to be easy ride.

One more road ride then, then were going to be spending some days on the mtbikes! Super excited for that, as Rocky Mountain is coming down and were testing bicycles in the desert.

Giddy up,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mountain Bikers on Road Bicycles

Finally Settled.

Just got into our hotel home here in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. Where I will be living for the next month. Rooming with Canadian teammate Andrew L'Esperance. We just built the bikes and about to head out for a coffee shop ride and enjoy the sun. Arrived here yesterday only for it to be pouring rain, but today is much nicer.

Got out on the ride before I got this posted, pretty nice out, I was perfect with shorts and t-shirt which makes my smile go from ear to ear!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tucson Bound

Early morning at the Guthrie household today. 3:30 alarm went off and I was up and at it. We live quite a distance from the airport, so that means up extra early and an extra amount of driving. Got to the airport and ordered a large Timmy's coffee and I was good to go. Found out that Alaska airlines now charges for every bag you check, including the extra fee for the bicycle. The girl at the desk wasn't what I would call an airport beauty girl(easy going and waves bike fees). I kept telling her that it was college stuff in a bike box and giving her the big old wink, but nothing. My Grandad happend to meet us at the airport and paid for my fees, that started the trip on a nice note! Thanks Grandad! He's also one of my biggest supporter's as well!

Next came the Tim Hortons Bagel B.E.L.T. Chowed that down and headed into security, which was y best security go yet, first time I've ever gone through without getting my bad searched! Woo! There is a new holding room in the Kelowna airport for US bound passengers, so that was a different experience.

Boarded the flight, fell asleep and missed the customs form, so had to hold back and get off last so I could get one and filled it out on the way,. Once I got in the massively huge lineup there was a little old lady infront of me and she was worried about missing her flight, as the Sea-Tac airport is pretty confusing with all thee trans and such. So I went up to the front of the massively huge line with her and budged her, very nicely to the front of the line. So she was good to go, and I now feel I have accomplished something nice today.

I am now sitting at my gate drinking a Venti coffee from Starbucks, and watching 90210. That's a pretty exciting morning I would say, probably a 9.5 out of 10 actually.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Work by Day, Train by Night.

Back working this week, helping out at my dad's business for the week, so logging some good $ and some good hours in the bicycle. Been working most of the day, then heading off and doing my training later in the day. Making for some really long days! Enjoying it though, 1 more week of reality then off to Tucson, Arizona for 1 month. Where I will be putting in some good hours on the bike, mtb is coming along with me as well, which I'm pretty thrilled about.

Had a good confidence booster on Tuesday, did an FTP test on the compu trainer with my coach Dan Proulx. Improved my test by a lot of watts from the last time I did it, back in December following Cyclo-Cross provincials, where I still had pretty good form! Tim to lay back and relax with the feet up and enjoy some wusabee peas..

Just got a present in the mail from Fox the other day, officially "hooked up" with the the new 2010 fox fork and float! Thanks boys.

Also got my new Rocky Mountain Element fully in the mail last week, got her all built up and pumping, rides like hot Brazilian supermodel.

And now all stocked up on Dr Vie bars for my month trip down south, ain't neva' gonna need to eat anything else while riding to keep me fueled, this bars do the trick, as how healthy and pure they are. Plus they satisfy my sweet needs, as I am an chocohaulic!!