Friday, April 30, 2010

2011 Rocky Mountain Element RSL

This tells you all you need to know about the new Element!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Not too much to report these days, other than the horrible weather that is making a little vacation stop in the Okanagan right now. Pounded out 3 hours in the pissing rain on Tuesday after a 7 hour shift at work. That made a pretty good day, Felt like I was riding in an early season Belgian classic. Also got a job at The Bike Barn in Penticton BC. It`s only the best bike shop out there. And their helping work with my schedule so I am still able to train hard. Oh and that also brings up that at this point it seems like the mono has taken its toll on me and passed on to another victim. As of now I`m feeling pretty good, been training for 2 weeks now and so far so good. Hopefully we can carry that onto the first test races of the season, Canada Cups #2 and 3. Anyway just going to work on the bicycle, trying out the Fizik Antares saddle.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peachland is wassUP.

Here is a little picture update of my nice little 24 degree cloudy/sunny day in Peachland!

My beautiful lady and I enjoying the day and a chai tea latte; Not to sound like a female dog or anything, but I think it might be the "new" drink for me. Have to cut a bit on the coffee consumption these days..

The beautiful lakefront down in Peachland. Had the best summer's of life along this here strip. Throwing rocks at ducks, having breath holding contests, trying to impress girls while playing football, and hanging out with the buds.

I withheld myself from throwing rocks at these little guys, it was something I would have done back in like 2009.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Promo Video

NEW Rocky Mountain Element Team

Finally this has been half released and seen down at Sea Otter this past weekend, so I can now talk about it a little bit now, as the full release isn't for a couple weeks. Super stoked on this bike, I was able to ride it in Febuary when I was in Tucson. Rocky Mountain came down with a couple bikes for Kabush and myself to ride and test while we were down there. I can't give out details at the moment, but boy was she a sweet ride. It was like something I've never experienced before while sitting on the saddle of a bike-cycle. Uber smooth and stiff and super light at the same time. Here are some photos below to check it out:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kelowna Youth Cycling Club Blog

Today's ride was pretty sick, eight riders showed up even one from Kamloops!
Marty was kind enough to run a bike maintenance seminar, now everyone knows how to change a flat!
Mr. Evan Guthrie came and shared his wealth of knowledge with the group. We did some more handling drills at the KSS field (it smelt like sewage). Evan made the group experts at cyclocross dismounts.
Then we rode around in the old folk subdivision which is the perfect environment to practice what we learnt from the grass fields. Most old people waved and smiled at us while we respectively rolled by. However, when we started to leave the subdivision a grumpy old man started yelling at us and telling us to get out. Evan, being sick of people's ignorance for cyclists went to reason with the old man. The old man then waved his rake around. We went to DQ.
After DQ, I made Scott and Cam practice pace-lining while I was following them in my car down Lakeshore. It was pretty rough to start but then they got the hang of it and are now philosophers of pace-lining. We felt pretty pro. Scott was throwing his unneeded water bottles and warmers in the car like Lance. I really did feel like Johan Bruyneel today! Flick the hazards on behind cyclists and you get automatic respect from motorists, everyone was smiling and waving as they gave a generous space while passing by.

Another fun day at the office!

^^ As is states I came very close to a senior citizen swinging a rake at my face today, just trying to be and explain how were teaching young kids how to ride and feel comfortable out there, and guys like him make the kids nervous and cause crashes. He kept trying to swing his rake at me to convince me to leave, but I was making a point and he didn't want to hear it. Pretty interesting, most dangerous senior citizen encounter yet!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picture Update.

Just got the SRM hooked up, with the mix between the 7800 Dura-Ace and the new 7900. Jamie Sparling has called this the 7850.

"Race Clean, Own Your Victory" All my bicycles are branded with these stickers, as I have chosen to Race Clean for my career in cycling.

Beautiful day as the bi-cycle see's it.

Shorts and Tee of April 14th is alright by me, if you look hard you can see my no-shave April/ I have mono.

Represent! The new get-ups are pretty sicckkkk!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cam McQueen"

Check out this link!^ This is straight up crazy. First ever backflip in a monster truck. This guy is straight out of Westbank BC.