Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Grandad and I looking like were both about to burst out laughing

Monday, June 20, 2011

It was a shame, last week Penticton's most famous local restaurant burnt down, White Spot..It put a smokey haze over the lake. Something we get very accustomed to here in the summer with all them fires in this desert.

Last Thursday I pulled into downtown Kelowna and was getting ready to ride out to the local crit, and while enjoying the beautiful view and the two 'cool people' smoking illegal stuff on the dock..3 bike police happend to role up and surprise the heck out of these girls. With one throwing her stuff into the lake the other trying to hide it behind her back while the smoke was coming up behind her I know. The officers slowly picked apart her joint and threw it into the water. It was even more hilarious when the girls were trying to reach into the water and retrieve their stuff after the cops left.

Spent the week with some gorgeous weather. Finally we are getting Okanagan weather, with highs of 30 hopefully this week! Yesterday we made the father a great brunch, and a wicked steak dinner. Nothing a like a BBQ in the sun and plate sized steaks.

Thinking it might be time to get back to my roots and make some DJs, and start doing some big hucks again! Or foot plants:

And thanks to Mr Kris Sneddon for getting me hooked on real maple syrup in the coffee! Just for rest days though..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Okanagan is unbeatable to live in

In the last week I've been home its been so awesome I don't want to leave for a while!

Here's a few late photos from the trip through Ontario:

Last Wednesday was the first toonie race of the season, good thing I decided to ride before in the pissing rain for an hour and half and show up at the start with it only to stop raining and everyone is dry and smiling...I didn't even have the energy to shot gun a beer after. I will next time, and I'll in keep in mind some great advice from the legend himself. Geoff Kabush once said "bigger hole, faster flow"...

Had a wicked BBQ sesh last Thursday night.

Sunday was Kelowna's one and only Super D. It's a long one at around 20 min for most people. The record last year was 19:07 set by Kelowna's Seth Cowie. I was getting ancy all week prepping for this race, the guys at the shop did a full overhaul on the bike, rebuilt the fork, changed tires, and put on some shimano brakes, those avid brakes were doing me no good! Thanks to Rocky Mountain for hooking me up with such a sick trail bike, I love that my 5 inch bike descends as good and as fast at the local boys on 8 inch DH bikes..I was lucky enough to have a super clean run other a couple super man slides on my chest, I missed the rain and slayed the DH as best I could with a 1986 fluorescent Bike Barn skinsuit and rainbow socks. And since my skinsuit had no pockets I put my multitool on the back and it slipped down my a*s and I couldn't sit on my seat..But I was able to make a new record of 17:50 and make them loose clothed big bike people jealous of xc bikes, skinsuits and saddle bags...

Here's some great shots from the race, there was a prize for best dressed so there were a couple costumes.

Luckily its raining today, and I have a rest day and a day off work. So what better to do that share pictures with the world, drink coffee and make pancakes! As Matt Paziuk would say that is some good livin'.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Barrie is Cool

So pictures explain better than words..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Center of the Universe?

Clip from our Mt Tremblant pre-ride:

Last weekend I did a bike race. It was muddy, cold and technical. I was lovin' it and just slaying the descents...riding in 2nd too. Then my tire decided to go flat. I was having one of those days where the legs felt unreal. Too bad but I kept calm and used my tire changing skills to put a new tube in and only let my big air inflate me tire to like 15 psi. I was off riding in like 12th or something and then put the jets on and starting running a lot because mud was shin deep. I felt like Forrest Gump out there. Rode myself back to 5th, excited on that..tough though because you don't know how things could have went..Forrest says it best "life's like a box a chocolates, you never know what your going to get.

On our drive from Montreal to Quebec City we came across some dude in a car, and tried to get him to race us. He was too afraid of the roof racks and diesel smell though.

This past week in Baie-St-Paul I enjoyed some good livin' as Matt Paziuk would put it. Every morning Mr Haviland would welcome us all to 'Flavour Country' with his 12 cup bodum.

Also on the menu in a rustic house was Pancakes. And not just regular pancakes, I'm talking peanut butter, mocha yogurt, bannana and real maple syrup.
There is nothing to joke about when consuming these:
Post race on Sunday I met up with Cycling BC, they were staying in a rad mansion on the side of a mtn. No big deal that there was a waterfall beside the house.
We also had a nice view, and found a lucky treat in the fire place:

One of my 100% Paleo dinner I had last week:
And some nightly hydration:

Monday was the day I finished my two week stint in New France, and started with week trip into the center of the universe. We arrived to humidity and of course smog. Yesterday was 32, and 37 with humidity. So we hit the beach and got burnt. Darn I know. We decided to buy some Canuks swag and represent while were out here. We have the window attachments for the van and going to look for tattoos and marks to make ourselves nice get ups for the local Wed. night race. By the sounds of it people take this Wed. nighter as serious as a world championship..going to have to figure out a way to make them tone it down. Possibly spd sandals? shirtless wit bibs? wig? We'll figure something out.

Since it was sunny yesterday we thought it might be a good time to loose the tan lines and gain a v-neck tan.