Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Check out this link:

New initiative the CCA is working on so prevent doping on cycling with Canadian Athletes. Pretty stoked on this.

Fontana Re-Cap

Soo........that pretty much sums up my first legit Pro race as this past weekend US National Series Pro XCT in Fontana, CA. It was a pretty good lead up to the race, looking back I was definitely fatigued a little and the flight was horrible, I was up at 3:45 am for a 11 hour travel day, that in fact should is only a 3.5 hour flight from here but all the layovers made it just awesome...

Cross Country Re-cap:

Hot day out there, like 26 degrees and we now start at 2:30 pm as Pro's this year. Peak heat of the day. Also the wind was blowing at about 50 kp/h, which just so happend to be a headwind up the climbs..I got called up in 75th or something like that. There were 95ish starters on the line. From the gun it was fast and furious through a little 700 m start loops, which actually made things a little more crazy then a start loop is supposed to do, people were just dive-bombing through the corners. Turned out good for me, as I was able to stay upright on the bike and gain some places. Felt bad for all the people that went down in the beginning. Then into the climbs we went, with the major climb of the day hitting almost 30% in some sections, we named this climb the big bastard. As it was a bastard to climb. Maintained my position up the climb, maybe gained and lost a couple spots, so it all evened out. I was saying the day before the race I am going to get off my bike and run past a ton of people on the climb, but of course that's all talk and once your racing your legs are just dying in that section, so that was out of the question. I just kept it going good and hard and tried to not get to paranoid about being so far back and just work my way through starting lap two when the race spread apart. I worked hard for a lap and half to move through the field and it played out that it was too hard of an effort for this early season, and I just started to fall apart and get slower and slower after that. If you watch the womens race re-cap at

I can personally see that Lene Byberg is climbing faster than I was during my last 3 laps. So pretty much that is the problem right there...I think everything added together to make for not such a great showing last weekend. Which is life, I have years ahead of me to make this weekend not even exsist, racing wise of course. It`s actually pretty funny looking back and watching the womens ride the hills twice as fast as me, not be sexest or anything of course. In the end I believe I ended up 43rd. Just out of getting valuable UCI points! I quickly grabbed my delicious bologna and cheese sandwich and headed out for my cool down with the rest of the Canadian clan. We then headed back to the hotel and jumped in the cold pool with are chamois still on and all. Back to the hotel for a stretch and foam roller session. Then we put the legs up and had some special inter-web time. Here is the men's race:

Short Track Re-cap:

So today I woke up feeling good and super phsyched up for the short track race at 3:15 pm. I was thinking ok, first race is out of the legs and lots of time I feel great my second day of racing. So oh dang I was ready for rip it up today. Started out the day with our regular pre-race meal a la hotels free continental breakfast. Which consisted of coffee, fruit, waffle with peanut butter, bananna, yogurt and syrup. With a little big of scrambled eggs on the side. We suited up in a maple leaf jerseys and our "Race Clean OWN YOUR VICTORY" socks and arm bands. Jumped on my Rocky Mountain Vertex Team RSL and opened up one of my DR Vie Go bars, munched that and I was set to race! We rode 40 min to the race course to get a good warm up in, needed to really open up the legs. Got to the course and laid under a tree for a bit and tried to cool down before we start our efforts in warm up. Was laying there looking at "In and Out Burger" they had a stand set up and gave every racer a free burger. So I had my ticket in my back pocket because the first thing I was going to do after the race was get my burg. Went out and did our warm up on the course, which was a 1.5-2 min course which a 15 sec little climb. The short track races are 15 min plus 1 lap, which makes it even faster out there and more spectator friendly. The Canadian Cycling Association was trying a new pre-race cooling technique. Which consisted of us putting out hands in a cold ice cubed and water filled bag so cool our hands and try to cool the blood while is circulated through our bodies. Definitely worked well, as I was getting shivers before the race in L.A.'s 28 degrees. Had a way better call up today, no clue why but I wasn't about to ask. Off we went and the start went pretty well as I gained a bunch of places and seemed to be in the top 25 and hopefully still going to pass some more people. Things were going well until about half way through the race I dropped my chain off the big ring and of course it had to be the time when the chain doesn't nicely go back on it had to bounce around a bunch get a little stuck and then go back on. Definitely lost a few places, like 15 or so and then chased pretty hard for a lap and blew the energy I had left, it's that kind of race where you go just above your limit and if you push too hard to early you can't recover too well. Anywho it was a great learning curve this weekend, learning that guys in 40th place can climb dam fast, but the reason they're so far back is because technically they're not so great...So good experience weekend and now the first race is done and the season is on! Pretty excited about that.

Oh our way back into L.A. we stopped by Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Blvd. and Had dinner on Hollywood Blvd.

Oh one more funny thing to add, on my trip home my flight from LA to Calgary was pretty late and once I landed in Calgary I had 15 min to get my bags, go through customs, then security and then board my next flight. And of course in these situations they're never easy. So I got off the plain and hussled to baggage claim, where there must have been a couple hundred people all in the same situation as me, with a flight to Toronto about to leave and flight to Frankfurt!!! Uh oh. I ran around looking for my bags and they were late coming out, but some how I managed to make up time by jumping to the front of the customs line with no one even asking because I came from the opposite side of where everyone was lined up. Got through that mess after being questioned. Then I had to wait in a line to drop my bags off,now 7 min until my plane was leaving, luckily the line was slow but the girl as the desk didn't even look at my papers, she just said "Run, if your going to get to your flight!" I liked her very much. While I was running around looking where to go I stopped and looked at the airport map and this young very attractive girl came up beside me because she saw me running and asked if I knew where I was going, if this was a normal day it would have been perfect chatting with her. But I had to say "Sorry I don't gotta run!" That sucked but it had to be done...I ran up the escalator that was coming down because the one going up was backed up with people. I ran all the way to the other end of the airport to my gate, I got there and lined was huge and all backed up. Then a guy came out and said "Everyone the security gates here and backed right up, if you head to the other side of the building to another gate you can go through that security where no one else is, then there is a bypass to get back to the gates here. I jumped the ropes and ran as fast as I could back across the building. Now only 3 min until my plane left. I got there and the line was big, apparently people had already be told the same thing. I went to the front of the line and asked everyone if I could budge to the front as my plane was now leaving in 2 min. There luckily let me do that. But there was some moron guy freaking out about his water and not wanting to dump it out. He was on a mission to get through with his water, finally security came and took him away. My stuff was already going through the scanner, I got the through the body scanner good. I was hoping that for the first time ever my bag would make it through without getting the extra search, and some how it did. I only took thing that wouldn't need extra searching on the way home. Which paid off. Now I had less then a minute to get to my plane. So I grabbed my bag, put it on, grabbed my laptap with one hand and my shoes with the hand, I had no time to put my shoes on or put my laptop in my bag. So I just started running and I ran all the way back across the airport and got to my gate literally 30 sec before they closed the gate. Unreal.

Here is some good videos of the races and pre and post race interviews:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Los Angles, California baby!

Arrived in LA late afternoon yesterday, and we had to make the trip down to Manhattan beach before we did anything. We even put off Chipotle for 20 min. Pretty rad view from down there. It wasnn't a great afternoon yesterday with all the clouds, smog and wind. We just checked the beach out, I noticed that every watch tower looks exactly like the one Marrisa Cooper from "The OC" used to hang out at. Then off to Chipotle for burrito time. Back in the dodge caravans we went and headed out to Ontario CA. Went by Compton, didn't even see anyone get shot, must have been a good day on the murder charts. Driving the freeway is a whole new experience I'll have to get used to, that's for sure. Got in sort of late and unpacked the gear, just organized the way we wanted the room set up and shi-bam were set to roll.

Fontucky AKA Fontana CA.

Everyone has arrived and settled, so today we headed out to Fontana to ride pre-ride the course. Wow it is dam steep. I'm sure its like a 1500 ft-2000 ft elevation gain on each lap.

Back to the beginning of the day how bout! We woke up this morning and headed down to our free hotel breakfast, which consisted of sausages, eggs, cereal, fruit, waffles, yogurt and numerous cups of coffee. That got us to a good start. From there we made our way over to Trader Joe's which is our favourite cheapest grocery store around. Loaded up on some food, mainly lots of Hummus and Peanut butter! Can't live without those things.

We then got the bikes prepped, had to put our baby's back together, and boy did they look like some steeds all lined up together. Dan and Scott took on the driving duties on the freeway that took us to the course, the people down here are crazy. Its like why don't we drive like 150 Km/h and then drive 7 and a half inches apart, and I forgot weaving is there thing here. My driving capability should go up like 33% while I'm down here, so back home watch out! The course is pretty sweet, nice and dry and steep. It seems like all the climbing is on the first half of the lap, then its mostly flowly downhill with a few little pucnhers. We named the climbs the big bastard and the little bastard. The big bastard is right off the gun and lasts about 10-12 min until the reach the very top of the course, then its flowing down the back side and just before you get back into the start/finish area the little bastard just pops up and could decide your final finish position. Did a solid 3 laps today and helmet cammed one lap, thanks to Andrew L'Esperance. We can now sit back each some hummus and watch the laps tonight to memorize everything. Hopefully I will be able to find a good pee spot on the trailside...

Just sitting back in the hotel room relaxing right now, just about to have an ice bath for some recovery. Oh by the way it is smokin' hot out, it was shitty this morning with cloud cover and smog, but now its like dream weather. I hate to say for all "you people" back home in BC but its way nicer down here fo sho.

Best of 2009

This might be my finest video yet, as it has all the best clips and I used a lot of different settings! Check it out and let me know!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re-Do just for Atrizz

Alison this took a lot of extra work, I only have like 5 hours of sitting in the Van City airport this morning! and I picked a bad song too!


Woke up at 3:45 AM today. On my way down to Fontucky( Fontana ) CA for the first USProXTC this weekend. Vancouver's got a pretty nice airport now since the Olympics. So I'm just lounging by a little water feature drinking my 2nd Venti coffee of the day...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Video from the Salmon Arm ride.

Salmon Arm Singletrack.

Wowsers. That pretty much sums up how amazing my ride today was. The city is paying for workers to build trails, yes I'm serious. And they are doing a dam good job of it if you ask me. We rocked out almost 4 hours on some beautiful trails and enjoyed some gorgeous views which made the day an 11 out of 10 on a scale of 1-10. I think I might need to change my riding grounds to this here place called Salmon Arm B.C. ladies and gentleman.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Okanagan Life

I've been back at home since late Monday night. And am I enjoying some rest time! In total I have ridden 45 min since last Sunday. I was pretty thrashed after the month in Tucson, so now I'm just trying to get somewhat rested and recovered before I start some mtb specific training, as I am now heading down to Fontana, CA for the first US ProXCT from March 24-29. I bailed out on the first road races of the season this weekend, Vancouver was supposed to get about 30 mm of rain both days. So I opted to stay in town and ride the mtb trails which I hear are pretty mint at the moment. And judging by the weather right now, 12 degrees, blue skies and sun!, its going to be a saweet weekend of riding. Got the single ring back on the bicycle to do some more riding with, didn't get enough time on it in the fall and want to race the set up down at Fontana if possible. Got my new Rocky Mountain Vertex frame in the garage right now, just waiting for the final parts and arrive, pretty excited to get back out on a new bike that's shiny..

I grew a beard the whole time I was in Tucson, and it was getting pretty haggard looking so I cut it down to a Go-Tee last night. Which is a little better, but not quite there. I had to go to the store and get some "Just for Men" hair die so it looks even more legit. Tonight one of my buddies is having a retro party, and all my friends are back in town from school, so it should make for a fun night. Still debating it I cut the Go-Tee into a 'Stache or not, since it moustache march an all. But I'm thinking the 'stache might need to hold for a week or so. Because then once I cut it down to that I am going to take my class 5 drivers test and have a 'stache on my ID now. I know it sounds retarded but its a big deal in my life right now...

catch yah later,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hoteling It

Woke up late at my hotel this morning, and missed the free breakfast by 10 minutes! They were cleaning up when I got in there, talked to them, told them I was a starving cyclist...No kidding, I just ask politely, this nice lady went in the back and grabbed what she could for me, just couldn't have a waffle, but that's alright. Ate this and then ate my Dr Vie bars for my trip home and I was good to go. wanted to see if I could make it home in one day on this meal and 3 bars, as I had no money left...Worked great!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Evans Guthrie's Tucson Montage

Tucson , Thats a Wrap!

Just sitting in my hotel room, killing some time before I head back to B.C. tomorrow. Pretty excited to get home, my own bed, nice fresh cooked meals and a regular lifestyle. But I am going to miss is down here. It's to come and solely focus on riding your bike. And its nice to notice how much fitter you've got over the training block. First road race is happening this upcoming weekend. So hopefully I'll be rested up and ready to roll.

As a camp wrap up, things went almost perfect to plan with some long hours in the saddle on the road bike and most importantly the mountain bike. The week with the national team went awesome, we had some great seminars on recovery, sleep and competition. Then the two weeks with cycling BC were awesome, rode some really cool epic loops around town, went to come awesome coffee shops, got our tans on and made some mean dinners. But things could have been a bit better, as I got a little sick after the national team camp, so it took a few days to get rolling into the cycling BC camp. Then got sick again on the second last day, so I missed the final ride up Mt Lemon. Which kinda blew, but was the smart thing to do. I definitely feel way fitter at this point, so no complaints whatsoever. Bye bye Tucson, hello snowy BC!

Bottom of Mt Lemon, 40 km's of climbing, 8000ft vertical, a man day on the bikes. Final day in Tucson.

Starting through the canyon, half way up, only 20 km left.

Nick Geddes, The downhiller from Whistler, AKA Junior #1 of 4.

The boys halfway up, at a beautiful part overlooking Tucson.

8000 ft up Mt Lemon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mountain Bicycling

Had a saweet mountain bike ride today with Raphael Gagne on Tucson's 50 Year Old Trail.It was nice after having a complete rest day on Sunday(due to torrential downpour) and an easy spin for a couple hours yesterday as a few new riders arrived. We took them over Picture Rock and a long an airport strip and back over Picture Rock, for a nice scenic ride. Today was great weather, a little cloudy so the sun didn't beat us up to too bad! Rode our house out to the trail head, which was almost an hour. Then the fun began, we had ridden this trail the first day during the National Team camp. So we new where to go fast and where to watch for cactus's. We did the bigger loop twice to get in the hours on the mountain bike, as both of our first race's will be the Fontana US Cup opener, where lots of guys will be going fast. So we just polished up on skills with some cornering and focusing on being smooth everywhere possible and how to conserve energy in some sections, in the past I used to just like hopping and skidding around but that doesn't improve your skills. We finished the descent and headed back to the start of the trail head for the road ride home, which just so happened to turn into a head wind, yipee. Just took our time coming home. Oh and forgot to mention earlier that I got a nosebleed on the way out, and had to stop for a while so that my heart rate would lower so that the blood would stop pumping and let it clot. It was probably my best nose bleed of the trip, tons of blood and took a while. This has been happening to me a lot lately, probably because its so dry here, still was happening back home and got it cotterized before I came down here and it helped for a week or so. Sucks I went through the pain of them burning the inside of my nose for it to keep bleeding like a mofo. Then of course it had to happen on the way back, this time I didn't care as much and my bike got a bit of a new paint job, and my gloves transformed to a lovely new colour, blood red, thinking I might turn it into the new style...

Can't forget, Big shout out to Dr Vie Sports. I've been living on their product for coming up on a month and it hasn't failed me yet!

For recovery today, got back home, ate, and went and sat in the sun by the pool, so that I could get my tan on. Promised my friends back home I would come home looking like a puertorican. Working on it, forsure got on the arms and legs and face, but the stomach region needs some work. Might be time to tan with arms warmers and leg warmers on, and something to cover my face. Could be perfect. That's all for now, other than I am eating some pretty dam good hummus right now, and looking at some freshly made beef patties cooking on the grill. Guthrie out.

Oh the picture below of the bike, are the two juniors that just arrived, so they got their lovely bike saran rapped last night, to wake up to them nicely packaged this morning. Never gets old pranking the juniors, had it done to for the past ever, and now I can pass it on. Giddy Up.