Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cystal Mtn. White Rabbit Snowshoe Race

Wow, snowshoe racing is harder than it sounds, rocked out a 5 km one today, Went off nice and hard and definitely felt the effects in the end, ran with a buddy Gordon Minaker for the first half until he took the lead role and dropped me within 5 steps. He took on a commanding lead and rolled in for 1st place, I just kept going as hard as I could and these biking legs struggled in the snow pretty good, I guess a four and half hour ride yesterday didn't help...haha. Perfect day of training, don't want to tell you what my AV HR was but I will give you a hint, 5 beats below 200, maybe that was too much of a hint. Now time to start bicycle prepping. MTB rides are now in the sched, pretty stoked on that as I have never ridden my mountain bicycle before March!

No Big deal, but I am now officially as of today of age to buy those acholized drinks that are sold in stores!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Riding in the Sun in January! wtf?

Been having some real days out here in the Okanagan, weather has been unreal this week, today rolled the group ride with the gang.

Here's the garmin files from the ride:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Law Mtn.

Another awesome day on the snowshoes with some of the Total Restoration gang, they were checking out my back yard!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hiked into my uncles cabin last Monday night with some buds , had a wicked time. One of the highlights of my Christmas. Made smokies for dinner, invented jagermeister snowcones(which were grose by the way..), played with fire, slept and froze, had amazing pancakes and instant coffee in the morning, and warmed our shoes in an oven..

Terrace Mtn.

Did a wicked snowshoes last week to one of the highest mountains in the Okanagan. It was like almost 3 hours to get to the base because the snow was so dam deep, then only just over an hour back because we were able to just fly through the bush on our pre-packed trail we made on our way in. Had an awesome time, making the winter memories. Jumped off tree's, cliff's, and rocks, tried to be manly and walk at the front for longer periods of time and since the snow was past knee deep it was dandiggity tough. Had an amazing view from up top, could see the whole valley in every direction.