Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just on an easy couple days right now, just spending some time on the mtb. Been working at my neighbors the last few days tearing apart a barn, should be there the rest of the week. Just figuring out my insurance situation for the van which I'm driving down to the sunshine coast next weekend for the Rat Race. Should be fun on the new bike. Just got some new stuff for the bike so now its 100% ready to race. This weekend doing a 2 hr jam session on in Penticton on the mountain bikes, just get used to it at speed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Awesome weekend for TR

This weekend we had two 1st place finishes, three 2nd place finishes, three 3rd places finishes, one 2nd place GC finish and two 3rd place GC finishes. Made some cash and had some fun.

RR on Saturday went well, Alison got the big dubb for the women, Chris almost beat out two Trek guys that he was in a break with. Owen rolled in with a chase group, Tim in a chase group behind that and Jeff, Dan and myself rode in with the pack.

TT Sunday morning, Owen rode into 4th, just 20 seconds off Dave Vukets. Dan was our next best, with Jeff in shortly behind and Chris and Trevor just after that. Tim and I rolled the TT so we would have fresh legs for the crit. We were planning to set up T man for the win.

Criterrium Sunday afternoon was very interesting with a 900 M section on a gravel dyke. I was feeling like money all race and talked the guys about attacking on the gravel because I was getting gaps on the gravel turns everytime, Dan did a wicked lead out for me along the gravel and we both gapped the field by the time we hit the road and the it was a 200 M sprint to the finish, Dan rode into 2nd and Tim won the bunch sprint, so we went 1-2-3 on the stage. Chris hung on to 3rd in GC and Owen was 5th on GC. The girls rode hard, With Alison chasing the overall GC the women worked hard to try and get her the 30 sec advantage she needed. It ended up coming down to a bunch sprint where Alison and Jessica took 1-2 and finshed 1-2 overall.

Rad Weekend!

Just rode the mtb with the wide bars, trying out Kabush style, I can't believe how much faster I could descend! New bars might be in the making...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another weekend or racing!

The last couple days have been crazy, making plans on getting down to Cycling BC photoshoot in Richmond on Friday night, then racing Race the Ridge this weekend. Got a flight booked from K-town to Van tomorrow afternoon. Then photoshoot then spending the night at someones place, which I haven't figured out yet, then getting a ride out to the race in the morning where all my gear and bike is going to be. Get that all in line and then race in the afternoon. After that everything should be back to normal. I'll be spending the next night in a hotel with the guys and then getting a ride back with them. Should make for an interesting weekend. Still haven't had my suitcase fully unpacked in a month.

Just heading out for a couple hours on the MTB, been loving the rides on it, still getting used to it though, I haven't ridden a mtb since last September. Then I'm heading to my Grandparents for dinner and then off to Fire practice at the hall with the boys.

Calling for a rest period after this weekend, lay low for a couple days and recoup. Then off to the Rat Race on the sunshine coast as Merritt has been cancelled. Lamesauce.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walla Walla Wrap......

After we finished the TT Saturday morning we all headed back to our country ranch in Waitsburg to veg for a couple hours. Then off to the downtown Walla Walla crit, which turned out to be a twilight crit. Wasn't able to finish the crit due to a sweeeeet nose bleed. Tim was our main man for the crit, he was perfectly positioned in the last corner until a crash went down. He was out for the rest of the weekend. Dan also went down but was back up and gone to finish line fast than I could finish my drum stick!

Sunday was a long haul at 160 km. Hot day also, peaked at 26 degrees. Team rode well, Jeff was in a break for about 60 km, Owen was our GC man, so he was up front on Rob Brittons wheel all day. I was pretty cooked by the final day, so I sat in for the last hour and a half and did a couple hard pulls before the 3km climb to the finish, and rolled in just after the pack. Chris rode solid and was in the front all day with O.-And that's a wrap, back to K-town for a couple days

Also the Walla Walla sweet onion actually is from walla walla, Bam betcha didn't realize that!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here is a link from yesterdays stage, T Sherby takes the big W!

Day 2 Part 1

TT first thing this morning. Got suited up with aero wheels which was a nice treat. Haven't seen results yet, but should hopefully be an OK time. Got a nose bleed at the top of the climb so for the descent blood was spraying everywhere. My face, skinsuit and bike were covered, it actually looked pretty funny.

Crit is happening tonight at 740, were hoping Tim can get another stage win, we will do everything we can do to make that happen. Weather's been pretty solid, tomorrow is suposed to be 25 degress and our race is 168 km. Should make things interesting.

Walla Walla Day 1

So today was a wickedly hard stage. It was only 110 km, but we did it in 2..5 hrs. Tim ended up winning it in the sprint. We had all our guys left in the front group, people just fell off the group every climb. It was so hard and so fast . I was way over the rivet, hardest I've gone in a while. Fun though, sweet to know that I can ride with these guys. Tim starts in the Yellow jersey tomorrow, which is awesome, we do the TT in the morning and the crit in the evening. Hopefully we can get Tim another win in the Crit! As for U18 GC there was only one another rider at roll out at the end of the race.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Looking to be blue skies and sunny all day long. Just what we in the Okanagan have been looking forward too all winter long! Headin' out again on the MTB to hit some local trail up, Smith Creek's Holy Pail to be exact. Should be wicked. Just checking out the forecast for Walla Walla this weekend and its looking pretty nifty, Sun and clouds all weekend with a high of 25 by Sunday! Woo! Check ya later

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Days

Repped the MTB today on Knox Mtn. Feels awesome, stoked for MTB season. Still recovering from the weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Team Camp Update.

Just got back from a weekend in OK Falls with the team. Got in some sweet rides, had fun and got some sun! Broke my Power Tap screen which is a bummer though. Stills downloads but can't see anything riding. Had some wicked meals this weekend, some people also brought some homemade baking which was tasty on the rides. We some good and some bad weather but all together a solid weekend. Sunday night we had our team building evening which consisted of us making fools out of our selves while playing Rock Band. Cool. T-Minus 3 days until we head'r on down to Washington state for Walla Walla!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shorts and T's on April 8th!

Went out for a good long ride today, it was 20 degrees when I finished, absolutely amazing! Looking forward to the TR Team Camp this weekend in OK Falls, should be rad.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Series Day 2

Today was one of the sweetest road races I've been in, just because I got into the days break and we were away for over 100 km. Owen was my only team mate in the group of 8. We rode good and steady, worked well together. The climbs were slowly catching up with me and after about 15 laps I was starting to hurt pretty good. So I did the best and hardest ride I could at the front going into the start/finish climb and when I pulled off Owen attacked and everyone followed right away, but as soon as I crested the climb I could see that a few guys had been shed off. Cody Campbell and I rode together to the finish for the next 2 laps. We rode tempo to finish off a 4 hr day, with an average of 265 watts for the 3.5 hr race. Pretty solid day, I am totally wrecked now. Taking a couple easy days before our TR team camp this week. Should be all time!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Atomic Spring Series

Hard race today, didn't quite have the legs after the test in Vic yesterday. The team rode well, covered most of the attacks. Chris got in the days main break. Owen and I got in a chase group that bridged to the front group. I got popped off after Rob Britton made a little effort on one of the climbs. Owen made it across and lasted until 30 km to go when Trek started to mix things up in the break. Tried for a sprint on the uphill to false flat finish but after sprinting the climb I was done. It was a good day, 15 degrees, 140 km in total and 4 hours on the bike. In for another hard one tomorrow!

Friday, April 3, 2009

SRM testing

Owen and I headed down Victoria yesterday morning for some testing on the SRM machines at the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific lab. Steve Lund picked us up from the ferry yesterday, we walked on. He took us to my cousins place down in Vic where we spent the night. Right away we whipped out for a quick 1 hr spin along the ocean front, as soon as we turned around we got dumped on and had to ride back soaked, which was a change from coming from the Okanagan. Met some of my cousins cool room mates, which she has 6 of. We got a fairly good nights sleep, woke up at 630 am to have breakfast. We just laid around for a bit in the morning. We then headed for the lab. I did the test first, then Owen rocked out his test. It was a sweet day, we also got skinfolds done which was cool. Hit the 1 ferry back to Van and ripped to the Hotel. Quickly got dressed and got in a 45 min recovery ride, which made the legs feels a lot better. We have just been veggin' in the hotel since, cleanin' bikes and eatin' grubb. In for a 130 km hard day tomorrow, should be sweet!