Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Test of Humanity 2012

This years Test of Humanity was probably one of the best events I've been too all year. After Worlds Cups, Canada Cups, US National series races, Pan American Championships, World Championships and so on it was nice to sleep in my own bed, DRIVE not fly to a race and then be around friends, family and great people organizing a great event to help Canadian Humanitarian efforts in Africa. Who wouldn't want to be apart of it?? Plus the post race taco's were pretty damn good along with the not so tail gate but tail gate like party after where we shared some race stories and drank beer and killed a bag of doritos.

Morning started off with some coffee:

Then some kids races, by the way those kids are FAST! never seen someone ride so far and so fast on run bikes!

Then I went out and rode really really hard for 4 hrs. Pretty much to the point where if I stood up or pushed the pedals a little harder I would cramp. That lasted for the final 40 km of the 70 km I completed. Who said 4 hr endurance races were easy? I had a F1 pit crew thanks to The Bike Barn. Last lap I decided it was a good time to finally lay the bike down on a dusty berm and cramp up so bad I had to roll on the ground like a horse scratching it's back to straighten my leg again. Happy I was able to overcome my sucking from last year, which consisted of only racing for 2 of the 4 hours because I sucked and decided a red bull might make me go faster but it make my puke, to take the overall win.  It seems as though I was a little tired after:

Strave file here.

Little photo collection thanks to my mother:

Thanks for a great day Test of Humantiy volunteers, racers and supporters!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MTB Worlds video update

My recent trip to Saalfelden, Austria can be summed up by this video:

Thanks again to all who made this trip and a great year possible!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun times Fall times

Pretty unreal day of riding in Revelstoke today. Alpine singletrack, bluebird day, 1,800 meters of descending and a whole lotta smiles. Thanks to Mrs Pendral and Co.

Strava file here

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Home from World Champs

First off thanks to everyone to helped to make 2012 a great year and sorry I sucked at the last, most important race! So thanks to Rocky Mountian Bicycles, Cycling BC, Cycling Canada, The Bike Barn, Planet Foods, Fox Racing Shox, Peachland Dental, family, friends, and all who all other's. 

Sorry for the last update but I was pretty disappointed after my race as I definitely wanted to finish the season on the high not after notching some of my best results to date this year. It was a tough race. I had a poor starting postion in 72nd and just couldn't move through the field like normal I just had a few bullets adn used them early and then was on damage control/not being able to ride back the rest of the race. I did t-bone a spectator that walked out onto the course on the downhill. Felt bad but he definitely shouldn't have been crossing when there was "do not cross" signs everywhere.. After the horrible race Team Canada met up with Team USA for some a sick mountain ascent to an even sicker downhill. We were all so fried and had no food and almost couldn't ride down but we needed to get in at least one awesome exploration ride. That it was as we climbed and climbed and then rode slow down. 

That evening we went into downtown Saalfelden for some pizza, real oven cooked pizza. Cheered on the trails riders and then went home for a good nights sleep. Saturday was a big day with junior mens race in the AM, elite womens race mid day, elite mens race mid afternoon. We cheered hard, my voice slowly faded. Went out for another awesome Team Canada dinner for pizza then some McDonalds. Which turned into a 3 day binge of McDonalds. There was some evening fun with all the national teams, olympic champions, world champions and so on. On Sunday before we left we watched some of the Eliminator World Champs which Kabush rode to a 10th in, the only Canadian participating. 

Finally home after a few days of travel home from Europe. It was great that Air Canada decided to leave our bags on the Toronto tarmac for two hours before we got to then go through customs..which means I missed my flight to Vancouver and then my flight to Kelowna. Great. Finally got to Vancouver in time to miss the nights final flight to Kelowna by 3 minutes. Air Canada totally made up for it by giving me a hotel and a $15 dinner voucher..which got me into a restaurant. Finally flew home Tuesday morning with enough time to unpack and drive back to Kelowna for my first day of school. Little bit overwhelming after being out of school for 3 years and then missing the first week..

It's now for some fun times this fall. Look for upcoming camping, hunting, fishing, and biking adventures.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Saalfelden, Austria(AKA World Champs) Day 7

Another great day here in Austria. Checked out some of the bike paths and soaked in the mountain views as it was a sunny out. Looking like a rain storm is approaching. Fingers crossed it comes down like Issac just did in the south of the US of A. 

Racing at 2:30PM Austrian time, 5:30AM BC time. www.CanadianCyclist.com should have the usual race updates. 

Missed out on UCI points a bit this year and am starting in 73rd out of 100+ starters this year..pretty shitty place to start but gotta make the most of it. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saalfelden Day 6

Yesterday was a pretty busy day with drinking coffee and getting a massage, even managed a grocery run. Cycling Canada has just nailed it with staff, locations, support and just awesomeness. Few more days left until we race our bicycles. Gonna have to do deep, like really deep..on this course if you want to do well.

Check out the the ride on Strava here.

 Taking in the sights.
 The Flying Bouchard finds time to sleep, even in dirty places. 
Munich airport was like cool and stuff. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saalfelden Day 4

Another great day of bicycling over here in Austria. Rode with them Canadians and did laps of the course. Then built damns in a creek..

Check out the course profile here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saalfelden Day 3

With misty like rain today it felt like heaven to compared to yesterdays monsoon rains. Warmed up to a balmy 13C today, nothing like the 37C of the Okanagan two weeks ago..Tomorrow looks like it could even spike up to 15C so riding the race course will be in the schedule. Some GoPro video to come later in the week if our internet holds. 

Check out today ride and profile here