Friday, August 31, 2012

Saalfelden, Austria and the rain.

After some good travel days we arrived to Saalfelden, Austria. Today I rode bikes in the rain in Europe, life could be worse. Although it did feel like I melted out there today as I haven't had a single drip of rain land on me since June 21 until today.  Crushed 10 hrs of sleep lastnight and hoping with the help of my friend Melatonin I will crush some more. This jet lag thing usually takes a few days. As I will be going to be tonight at 12:20 PM BC time..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rally4Life newsletter August 2012

For more information on Rally4Life check out

Run4Life Update, There's still room to join us.

We have been training hard to get ready for our big run in Guatemala. Two runners will be participating in the 100 km ultra-marathon and we have 8 relay runners at 25 km. With the funds we raise we will be helping many FeViva projects, and will be hands on helping to complete the Education Centre. We can still accommodate more adventurers who would like to come with us, and there is no requirement to run, we need support crew too! So come and join us, see info package attached. The dates are now confirmed Nov 14-24 and we managed to get flights from Vancouver. The trip cost of $1500 CDN includes airfare, Guatemala transfers, food & accommodation. Plus a tax receipt will be issued by Charity partners FeViva.
For more information contact and check out details on our website

Natassia's Birthday

Young six year old Natassia decided to celebrate her birthday by taking donations for Rally4Life to provide children around the world with safe water, shelter and food. Everyone at Rally4Life is so proud of you Natassia. Thank-you.

Watch this lovely video and don't miss the part where Natassia tells her peers in developing countries, "If you don't have clean water, I have money.." Simple as that!

Wings of Kilimanjaro

We are very excited to announce that Advocate Mark Jennings-Bates has been invited to participate in a thrilling new challenge. In January 2013, the pilots will climb the highest mountain on the African continent and be the first paraglider pilots to officially fly from the summit. We wish them all luck and a safe journey. Follow their progress at While Mark and nearly 200 other pilots will be raising funds for other charities, we are totally supportive of their effort to climb and fly the summer of Mount Kilimanjaro to aid in raising funds for two organizations, The One Foundation and Plant with Purpose.

Advocate Evan Guthrie wins local GrandFondo

Advocate and our next door neighbor Evan Guthrie is incredible talented and so humble. He completed the 122 km distance in under 3.5 hours and road biking is not even his specialty. From his blog "Over the last five km I was hurting pretty good from the leg cramps, which seems to be a road bike only thing for me, so I sat on the back of the group for the last few km and Mr Matt Hewitt from Vernon was gracious enough to lead me out for the sprint of the non-race race! I was able to cross the line first and have the fastest time of the day for the 122 km ride through the beautiful roads of the Okanagan Valley. With long climbs, short climbs, fast descents, bike paths, gravel roads, vineyards, orchards and lake views it made for a spectacular day of bike riding. It was crazy that I probably got the most media attention ever after the event.." Evan will be helping us again with our Annual Spinathon, watch for more details, and don't miss the chance to spin alongside the incredible young athlete.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 MTB World Championship team announced

2012 MTB World Championship team has been officially announced. Check it out here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moto GP 80cc style

Pretty much laying it down on an 80cc dirt bike is scarier than one would think. Be aware of course language and crashing..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nice little article in Pedal magazine of Rocky Mechanic Mitsuyoshi Shirai or as we call Bassman on how to wash bikes, more specifically my bike.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Picture Update

T-minus 11 days until I am once again Europe bound. This time to Saafelden, Austria. Then it's straight back home, back to school, back to awesome times. 

 My gramma is awesome, she had some winter ale's and fresh sockeye for me!
 Peachland is a wonderful place
Kelowna ain't too bad on a nice day..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special shout out to Peachland Dental for graciously helping me out with some financial support before I head off to Worlds here. Its people and company's like this that really make the difference for young athletes, like myself. Helping make it possible to go on trips, especially the World Championships in Austria is pretty awesome. So thank you!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Forced resting heading into Mountain Bike World Championships

Well it's been 11 days since I took a nasty spill at TransRockies. The mending is coming along well. With a forced few days laying on the couch dreaming about being outside in the sun doing epic rides I rested up quite nicely. Then came many consecutive days on the trainer riding with one arm while the other was in a sling. With my shoulder being so swollen it was hard to doctors/physio to tell me whether it was a grade 2 or grade 3 separation. With neither being good but both better than a broken collarbone, things could be WAY worse so no complaints. It's actually been a  really great week and a half of actually feeling like I'm on a  vacation at home with nothing planned other than a wedding this past weekend where I rested all week for one dance where I laid it all down, after that my arm was hurting too bad! Recovery is going well but for a busy body like myself it tough to keep slow moving, like as slow as Antoine Caron moves at all times!

My first reaction when I crashed was "man, I didn't even get to ride the single track yet today! I could have at least crashed on a sweet drop or double in front of a big crowd.." I guess I have to save those skills for World Champs in Austria! Heading off to Euro land for the second time this year at the end of the month. Pretty pumped to be representing Canada at my 4th World Championships. If anything this shoulder separation is going to keep me from riding too much heading into Worlds!

Disappointed to be missing CrankWorx in Whistler this weekend. I was really looking forward to the fat tire crit and the Enduro, gonna have to wait until next year to take on Brian Lopes I guess.

Saturday, 4:30 AM is womens mountain bike race which I highly advise to watch..we some fast riders you could say with Catharine Pendrel and Emily Batty. Sunday same time are the men with Canada's Max Plaxton and Geoff Kabush.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Post TransRockies

Well I crashed out so my post stages updates didn't fully work out...