Friday, May 29, 2009

Barrie, Ontario

Weather hasn't been too great the last few days. We've been riding the course and doing some intervals in a park near our place. Did some race pace efforts on the course the other day, felt good, felt way faster than last weekend which is awesome. Just resting it up today before we open up the legs a bit tomorrow before race day. Course is going to be fast, winner should be around 1:40 depending on the weather. It going to be tactical, drafting will be important. By the looks and sounds of it there is going to be a group of riders that lasts most of the race, and guys will slowly pop off. Looking forward to it, put the road legs to the test!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Canada Cup trip update.

Sorry but I haven't had internet since Thursday, so here we go

-Flew into Quebec Thursday
-Met up with a few guys
-Played around with a wheel chair until the coach came
-Drove a couple hours into the middle of nowhere
-Drove around lost in the dark until we found our place
-Woke up drank coffee and pre-rode the course.
-Came home and rested, ate lots
-Race morning feeling good
-Warmed up, felt good, started race, didn't go well. No legs...sweet
-Missed 3rd by 4 sec and missed 1st by 40 sec, punch in the face..
-Went out for dinner and watched a sweet Red Bull XC/DH event
-Woke up Sunday and went canoeing up river for a few hours and came ripping down. Sweet sunburn
-Went riding into the village, rode the course and watched the DH, rode back
-Mexican din din, stuffed myself silly
-Drove to Barrie, Ontario, thought it would be like 4 hours but it turned into 8 hours
-Staying in Rez, better than our house on a river in Quebecville
-Went shopping, finally saw a gorgeous girl, but of course she lives in Ontario no BC
-Cooked a massive 2,000 calorie pizza at 10 pm
-Woke up and finally have internet
-updating this..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good finish to the long weekend.

Props out to my TR buds for having 3 podium appearence's this past weekend in Wenatchee.

Finished off the long weekend with a 4 and half hour mtb ride, wicked climbs, single track and gnarly decents. Everytime I do a ride like that it just reminds me why I mountain bike. The sun was shinning and the trails were buff which makes life even better. Plus I followed behind my friends Aart the downhill specialist and everytime time I ride with him I get faster and faster and learn some sweet new techniques along the way. Just about to head off to school....lame, but its the last time for two weeks! Because here I come Quebec, Thursday morning at 7 am I fly westjet to montreal. I'll try and keep the updates rollin' while were out there.

Monday, May 18, 2009

May Long

Just about to head down to Penticton for a good long haul on the mtb's today. Should be sweet, hitting ome fun single track. Yesterday was the nicest day so far this year, hit 26 I think. Went out on a mellow mtb ride. Had the jersey unzipped and such, then headed down to the car show in Peachland and saw some awesome muscle. Just slowly getting the things ready to depart for Quebec on Thursday, wow, thats coming fast!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May is equaling horrible so far!

Just got in from my Native grad, yes I'm native, well just Metis! Had a hard long ride on the bicycle today, lots of hills and lots of watts = my legs are toast. And it made it even worse because it actually rained a bit in the Okanagan today. Weather has been horrific. Rest Day tomorrow and back out hard on the hills again Saturday which should make for a pretty solid week.

So LOST had its season finale last night, lame, but good news one more full season, definitely stoked!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Update.

Got in late last night from the Sunshine Coast. Wicked race course this weekend, it was hot yesterday, and really muddy which made it amazing. Met come cool people and had some fun. Stayed at Casa de Sleep. Awesome race, it was a Rocky Mountain Bikes show forsure. Stefan won, I was third and Marty was 4th(he flatted). Beautiful day on the sunshine coast, 18 degrees, we were in the trees most of time, so it kept us cool. I had an awesome crash in front of Mo and Sean. I was eating a bar and looking at them when my pedal hit a rock and I face planted. Feeling happy about my form, I'm not nervous about the Canada Cups now. Just about to headout for a coffee shop/recovery ride. T-minus 11-days until Quebec.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't fail me van!

Just woke up and drinking some of my new kicking horse beans, pretty darn tasty. Just packing up the final touches for the road trip tomorrow. Taking spare wheels and trainer and such. Need to go and pump up the tires on the rapist van. Baby blue old school dodge caravan that was gracially donated by my neighbors. Havent driven it more than 1 km yet, so hopefully she makes the 1000 km return trip this weekend. Getting pretty stoked! First mtb race is always a little nerve racking. Taking down a fellow mtb rider from AB. Should make for a fun weekend, heading home after the race Saturday night so that I can be home for mothers day and a little mtb race Outbound Cycle is putting on it Glenrosa.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun+Bikes+Coffee=raddest life ever!

Living in the Okanagan right now is sure paying off, the last 3 days have been like 20 degrees. Did some sweet mtb stuff over the weekend. Did a "practice" race in Penticton yesterday, mapped out a 23ish min loop and raced around it 4 times. Felt pretty good, weird being back on the mtb after being off it so long. Hit a sweet cafe in town, drank a pretty tasty latte and ate a dam near amazing gelato. Just got the new Fizik tundra saddle...which is pretty rad, just getting used to the hardness of it. Just wrecked my second pair of carbon race face cranks...lame. I don't think it's me that's doing it, but its looking that way, so just trying to sort things out before the Rat Race this weekend. Later.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sunny Days in K-town

Got in a wicked 3 hr mtb ride yesterday with Adam Elliot. Best mtb ride yet this year, I worked in my technical, which is the only thing I'm worried about, but after all the riding yesterday I think my A game is ready to roll. Just taking it easy today, have a grad campout tonigh, should have some good stories from that. Heading up early with some friends to get all the wood cut and start the fire. Just got some of my parts to finish the final touches on the xc bike. Its around 21 lbs now, just need some light tires and get it to 20 lbs. But other than that shes ready to roll, getting pretty comfortable on it. Can't wait to head out east, just booked my tickets, leaving on the 21st of may and getting back on the 31st.

Weather's been holding up pretty nicely. It was 21 yesterday and supposed to get even warmer today and tomorrow. Stoked for Summer!