Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Had a solid weekend of travel back to Canada from down here in Tucson. I have an amazing Grandad back home who is fighting cancer right now and it's been a couple months since I've seen him and my family so it was about time to head home, clear the head and get re-energized even if it was for only 40 hours. Heard some more awesome grandad stories, saw my parents and brother, ate some good food, rode bikes inside and got a speeding ticket. Almost froze my special place too, after going from 30 degrees in Tucson to -16 Monday morning.. I definitely left with some more motivation as sometimes as an athlete you catch yourself sometimes going "this is hurts too much" but you never know whats hurts until something like cancer shows up in your body or in someone close to you. I now have no excuses for ever "not hurting enough" in a bike race or anything I attempt to do. Which may include a eating competition one of these days, but it can't exceed my 2500 calorie daily caloric intake. I raced for my grandad last season, but I now dedicate any and all of my future success in life to him, as he had been like a second father to me. Guiding me down so many different and amazing roads, and of course telling me what not to do, or how to get a sugar momma. As you will all see this season on my bikes "I ride for George Fenton". As it is the least I can do for one of the MOST important people in my life. 

F--- Cancer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well it's like hot and sunny out. Off to Sedona this weekend for some not road bike biking.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A week of bicycling in the desert has been completed, all kinds of weather came with that. Tuesday I decided that 13C was worth shorts and a jersey to ride in, as it felt warm coming from a cold mountain town..Then it started hailing so I put on my arm warmers and small gloves. While it started to slowly get colder I thought pff whatever weather you can't touch me. Then it started raining and I got soaked, then I got cold, then I started shivering, then I had to ride 1 hr in the pissing raining  home. But not without it getting down to 5C and my hands and arms getting numb enough that I didn't know if I was holding my bars or not. So kept looking to make sure when I went over the bumps my hands wouldn't come off the bars and make me fall. I couldn't brake and standing was out of the question as I couldn't lean on my arms. But don't worry I tried to look like a hardman in front of the Tucson population by putting on my tough face..Lucky I didn't flat because I couldn't have even been able to make a call let along change it. Once I arrived home I was lucky my roommates Andreane Lanthier Nadeau and Antoine Caron were home to take off my shoes helmet and jersey. I took the rest off after 10 min of warming up in the shower. Junior movie or hardman Canadian move..I like to say hardman but I didn't sound like one in the shower when my hands were thawing!

 Without the luxury of having my MTB it meant riding road bike bikes all week. Our dear Nova Scotian pal has arrived and decided he would ride on the road with his touring bike and non knobby tires.

Our coffee supply is on an all time low and scary level right now. Which means were gonna have to piano over to a coffee shop to get some stock today. May even swing by the University for some 'sight seeing' as some would say.

On tap tomorrow is 6:30 am riding for some shoot out action then off to the 24hr of Old Pueblo to do some spectating and liquid calorie consumption. Our Canadian boy Kris Sneddon is racing I here, so we might have to shot gun some beer in his honor so we can really cheer for him.

There's some talk going around about a possible Sedona trip next weekend..haha how neat is that, isn't that neat?

Tee dang it's time to make some pancakes

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tucson 2012

This will be year 3 in Tucson. And so far the3 trip has not dissapointed! Each year I have had some interesting stories. Year 1 I had Mono and didn't know until I got home, and I also had nose bleeds everyday which turned me to riding with tampons in my nose to keep the bleeding at ease. Year 2 I thought about giving the cheap cyclist hostel stay a try, but that led to a drunk heroin addict pissing and throwing up all over the room..he also rolled in it. And now year 3 I had my MTB stolen from the garage on the second night. Atleast I can say I can say I will remember this trip. I must also take it as a compliment that there were eight bikes in the garage and my MTB was the only one taken. Either the person was a moron and couldn't ride two bikes away(any smart thief in my mind would take as much as possible..) or he was just some dude that needed transport and couldn't take a $50 bike, he needed like a $7,000 one. There was also some gold coloured stuff in the garage that wasn't taken either..I think if they are going to steal would take the gold stuff just because it's gold. So if your in Tucson and see a certain dude riding a bike with dirty jean shorts and no shirt its most likely not his bike so please contact local authorites (which is myself, taking matter into my own hands!).

On another note the roadie bike riding has been good, so hot yesterday I almost couldn't finish the ride! And today I think I found the road with the worlds most potholes and/or bumps. Great way to kick on the bicycling season on the special place.

I can't believe I just saw this neat video the other day, but tee dang you must give'r a go! Neato :

PS I would recommend watching all the episodes, they only get better!!

House set-up = BOOM sick!
 Planning on conquering these 2 breasts
 Ready? 3,2,1 Coffee!
 Bunking with my Frenchman pal Antoine Caron, As Scott Kelly would say we talking about feelings and stuff 
28 C on Feb 11...enough said.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Gooder Days

Well I have accomplished two things on my "to do list before I leave Park City". Yesterday I was able to get out and enjoy tube hill:

In the PM there was some people going off some big jumps and doing tricks and getting scored for it. I think it was called Freestyle Aerials..or something like that... Them Chinaman/Chinawomen clean house, but not without our Canadién French ski dude putting up a fight for a podium. I also froze standing there, some places were cold that shouldn`t have been that amount of time.

And today was another summiting of a 10,000 footer. There was some waist deep snow up there, but once you pick a spot to go there is not turning back. We had the fresh tracks and some of the boys ski touring up top were pretty surprised hikers made it that far. Wanted them to drop into the big bowl and see some real skiing but aparently there was avalanche risk..next time I`m taking my crazy carpet so I show those kind of people up.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Well for first time I haven't spend the whole winter on snowshoes, Wednesday was my first one of the year. And since I'm only here in Park City for one more week I think it's time to soak in everything that I have't done. Which means one more 10,000 ft peak, actually snowboard on the hill as there is kinda of snow now, go to Olympic Park and do some skeleton, build a sled track with a 6" high booter and 6" gap to landing, rent a surly pugly and shuttle so I descend 2,000 + ft, go tubing on the gnarly local track, not get chased by another moose. Lot's on the agenda and probably won't have time for much but I will make 1-2 days beyond epic. 


Warning course language and awesome Lawnmower jumping.