Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a way to end the Seaon!

Well the long and successful season had just finished off. Now I can rest up, get a job and eat some fatty food!

Edmonton was a top-notch weekend in my books. With the temperatures hitting -5 to -8 with wind chill on race days, snowy course and technical features made this a perfect course for my liking. Coming off the mtb scene, I've been trying to rest a lot and get over the season worth of fatigue before heading into Edmonton, which meant more days off each week then days on the bike. Which turned out perfect, I just needed to "try" and maintain form but be well rested. Came into the race on Saturday hoping for the win, I knew I had some good legs still and just had to play it smart. Got the holeshot and then going into the first s turn I was going way to fast and slid sideways into the tape and stakes, which lost me the front, so I had to chance for a minute to get back up to Daivd Larson and Simon Lambert-Lemay. Once I got up there I went to the front and drove it, and was making sure that the rest of the field would not catch us three. The other guys didn't seem to want to work too much, and I didn't want to get caught so I rode the front for a couple laps, and just tried to be really smooth and conserve enough energy for when one of the two attacked. Larson finally fell a couple seconds back so I looked and Simon and said "We got him, lets go!" So I attacked and we got a bigger gap and then Simon went down on one of the snow covered icy corners. So I attacked again and just put my head down and rode my own race from there to the finish. There was a group of 3 chasing me but I was able to stay on my bike the whole time, and made sure I wasn't making mistakes, and the three of them were having a bit of trouble I guess in the corners, chasing hard and ice is a tough one to mix together. Once I got a comfortable 30 sec ish gap I just tried to maintain and make no mistakes that would cost me the race. I was able to roll down the straight away for year #2 in Edmonton with the hands in the air and that National Champ title in my hands. Rocky Mountain had a wicked day out there taking Elite Women with Alison Sydor, Elite men with Geoff Kabush, and U23 men with myself!

Sunday's UCI Jim Horner cyclo-cross race was interesting, making the transistion from Junior to Espoir for Saturday, then for Sunday I am now offcially and Elite racer. I was now up against Mr Geoff Kabush. I was started 2nd last row of like 6 or 7 I believe, so I made a huge effort on the start to make it into the top 10 before the open course became narrow, that I did was riding within the top 7 I think the first lap and a half, until I went down pretty good, sliding like 15 feet down a hill and dropping the chain on my bike, and twisting my hood that was now pointing sideways and not forward. 3 little groups now passed me, I chased hard through the first one, then went blew apart the 2nd group and took 1 rider with me and didn't make it back into the first chase group I was in. I was now battling for a top-10 finish. Taking everything out of the tank I could. Came through in 9th I think in the end, only about 45 sec behind one of the guys that I was first originally with. Was pretty happy with the comeback and 115 bones I made. It was also snowing enough to cover the tracks of all the riders each lap. Kabush once again was able to take the W along with Sydor, its seems as though with this race, if you win Saturday then your bound to win Sunday.

Luckily I had my Dr Vie Sports bars to keep me fueled in those conditions, needed lots of energy to battle the below 0 temperatures.

My last season in Junior was great, had a wicked time and couldn't have asked for a better year, other than maybe not breaking my handlebar at the World Championships...haha. Anyway bon voyage Junior, Elite and Espoir here I come!

Photos, Thanks to Rob Jones at CanadianCyclist.com

Friday, October 9, 2009

Edmonton Update

Arrived in Ol' Edmonton yesterday. Flew high class with the BC Lions. Was sandwiched in between two lineman, good thing I'm a skinny cyclist and not a body builder, otherwise we would have been getting pretty comfy! Took a shuttle to my hotel, which is $79 a night, comes with a fridge, microwave, two couches, two beds, and a ton of movie channels, it also comes with a free breakfast. What a deal eh? Oh did I forget to mention that there is snow on the ground here. Well yes, anyway it is freezing and snowy. I got caught in a mini blizzard yesterday while riding the course. Which is awesome in the snow, all the loose corners and steep climbs. Going to be a wicked course if it sticks like this, or if it really warms up and then its very muddy. Either way I will enjoy it, I just hope it's not freezing cold and blue skies, because thats just not enjoyable, it will make me want to be back in the Okanagan in the nice weather. Anyway, just hanging out this morning, hopefully get a couple laps in today with Kabush or Sydor, get the course nice and dialed for tomorrow. Feeling super good these past few days. Really ready to tear some legs off!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just got back from a back-to-back BC Cup Cyclo-Cross weekend down in Vancouver. Saturday was located in New Brighton Park. Rolled off the start and went to the front, lead the first lap and was soon with a group of guys, consisting of Tyler Trace, Kevin Noiles, Rob Britton, Craig Ritchey, Drew Mackenzie and Kevin Kalhoun. We all rode together for the most of the race. I was able to ride the sandpit section at the 30 min mark and everyone else ran so I attacked when I got out of the pit and got a like a 10 sec gap or so and rolled with that for a bit, went through another sand pit which has a barrier at the end of it, that was about 18 inches high, the lap before I tried to ride it behind Noiles and hit my chain ring and ben it, so this lap I was convinced I could ride it. So I tired it and when I pulled the front tire up my front end sank into the sand and when straight into the concrete. I recovered quickly and started riding only to figure out that I got a flat. I rode as far as I could until I was on the rim, then ran all the way to the pits and put my new wheel on, which was a road tire, so that meant a lot of front tire drifting. I rolled in half a lap behind and tired as heck after doing a TT effort by myself for 25 minutes, followed with the 5 min run. T Trace took the win in a sprint, Craig put his hands up too early and he pinched him at the line. Tough break.

Sunday was located in Vanier Park, right down in the "Heart of Vancouver". Great located followed with great weather. Had a good warm up, Legs didn't even feel like I raced yesterday. Which is always a good sign. Went off hard again and took the "holeshot". T Trace followed close behind and we slowly just opened the gap on the field. Craig Ritchey was out in no mans land behind doing his own TT effort, as T Trace and myself were working together well upfront. Duking it out. We rode together until the 55 min mark I believe. I was really starting to hurt at this point, he was taking way harder pulls. So I knew the last few minutes were really going to hurt. So next lap he attacked me into the headwind and blew it to pieces. He quickly opened a good size gap and was able to roll in and take his 3rd straight BC Cup "W". I had a safe enough size gap behind to cruise in, I could tell once he attacked me my speed just fell in half. It was a great race out there, everything went well and I now have good confidence heading into next weekend for National Championships.

Podium sparkling apple juice!

Regained my speed quick, tried to make it not look like I crashed good and kept rolling, only then to get find out I got a flat.

Definitely an akward crash, tried to hop a barrier out of the sand, not smart!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cyclo-Cross 2009 begins

Just getting ready for BC Cup #2 & 3 of Cyclo-Cross this weekend down in V-city. Just packed the Toyota Corolla, which gets 53 miles to gallon by the way...Ha! the "rice-rocket" is packed and ready to zoom on down to the coast.

The final step before I head to bed is to get the hair trimmer and go buzz off the beard I have been growing for the past two weeks. And turn it into the most red neck lookin' stache and burns known to mankind. I also have Just for Men hair die to seal the deal if it doesn't appeal enough to me! Guthrie Out.

My new baby, Rocky Mountain Solo CX Team Issue.

She Worked! Had to finish in style, Geoff Kabush's "wanker" finish.

Been cooking up some wicked breakfast's the last week!

Also been brewing up some mean lunches!