Sunday, June 28, 2009

MTB time boys and girls

Just got back from a few days of fun at dry grad. Had a ton of fun, went whitewater wrafting, went swimming at midnight and drew on peoples faces throughout the night. Good finish to my high school years. Heading out tonight to our final grad campout. Not staying late, need some sleep!

Did a Super D race today, which was frickin' awesome. It was 20 min of amazingness. Had a couple short little climbs which really helped out someone like myself on a xc hardtail. Had a fast time still after I flatted, not good enough in the end though. Would have taken the "dub" according to my speedo. But w/e good day on the bike, then headed out with a few TR guys and girls for a another rip up and down the mtn. Sweet day. Just about to go eat my off!

Finally feel like I am getting back into my mtb rhythm. Feels good, spent way too much time on the road this spring and just starting to get the mtb legs back in action for Nationals.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grad Time!

Started work this past Monday, I paint flags at a helicopter place so that the helicopters know where to land at the ski lodges. The other child slave that works with me, Dawson Newman, came up with a good name that makes us sounds important "Visual Safety and Location Identification Engineer" Pretty sweet eh?.

Had to get all dressed up today for my exit interview for the firefighting program I've been in all year, went pretty well. Then headed back to my school for the last time ever! Woo. Dropped off all my gear for Dry Grad, then picked up my gown for the Grad ceremonies tomorrow, should be a fun weekend!

Been riding the mtb pretty steadily the last few days. Had a solid one last night with the "tuesday night gang" tried to ride easy steady but there was a testosterone fest going on up the rode so I had to pick things up a little. Rode some super cool trails that I didnt even know existed. Fun night forsure. Rode the today for a bit just railed some corners hard and came home. Doing a super D race on Sunday in K-town. Going to roll the xc bike with those tight shorts I wear racing....should be funny. Still going to try and rip it up.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Canmore Wrap

Finally had a good race this past weekend at the Canmore Canada Cup. Came down to a sprint for the 2nd year in a row, but we put some good time on third. Race went pretty well, been feeling a lot better these past couple weeks. Now comes Nationals. Going to be ready to tear it up there!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Been kickin' it Banff style the last few days, spending almost 4 hours a day in starbucks, spread out between the morning and the evening of course. We just get free internet. Rode the Canmore course yesterday, changed a little from last year, but its still super rad. Went out with the TR boys last night for a beer, yes thats right I'm legal in AB. Boys were racing the hill climb tonight, I guess Red Truck went 1-2-3-4, wow ridiculous. Hoping Tim gets a dub tomorrow or Saturday night, would be a nice win. Checking out the course tomorrow, then the big race Saturday. Hopefully it goes better than he last few. Then back to Banff to cheer on my hometown boys and girls in the Banff Bike Fest crit. Then back off to Canmore Sunday for a Talent ID camp run by the one and only Dan Proulx. Then back home for R&R for a few days then Dry Grad! White Water wrafting baby...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

K-town to Banff

Just hanging it out in Banff right now with Gillian Carleton and Alison Testroete. We came up on Monday, just getting used to the altitude and getting in some training. Beautiful out here, other than the weather isn't that great. Heading out to the course in Canmore today to get in a pre-ride. Then the rest of Total Restoration is coming out this afternoon, they have the 5-day Banff Bike Fest this weekend. Staying with them until my parents come out on Friday. Then off to Canmore to race the mtb!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

K-Town Wrap

Just finished off a hard weekend of racing. Prologue Saturday morning, Crit Saturday night and RR Sunday morning. Rolled the prologue to help out in the crit, crit didn't go too well, covering moves for a bit, got a prime then fell back and couldn't recover, it was super hard to get back up front, tried the rest of the race and totally failed. Tim almost won, came from like 10th wheel and got 2nd. Pretty damm good ride, Chris and Dan killed it, rode super well. Then came today's RR. I offered to cover the early moves again, because I knew my legs would get tired near the end. Felt pretty good the first hour and half, covered lots and then had to sit back and pray to now finish. Got dropped on the climb with 3 or something laps to go and started cramping, Spun to the finish with MacDaddy. Got some bottles and went out onto the course when the feeding was already done and gave Jackson an "illegal" feed that the follow car saw. Didn't get in the trouble though! Then strolled back to finish line to watch Alison get the big dubble U. Oh by the way she also won the prologue and the crit! Owen, Jackson and Chris were our last guys in the front group going into the last lap, and coming into the finish Jackson rolled in with the front group with Chris just behind and Owen, Tim, Trevor and Jeff in the chase group. Boys rode well this weekend, just need to work more on our organization. Up next, week at home followed by the Canmore Canada Cup this weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2009

K-Town Classic

K-Town Classic starts tomorrow morning. Getting excited, it's been a while since I slept in my own bed ad raced my bike. Going to tear it up tomorrow, going to work it hard for Tim so he can take the big W. Hometown we have to go balls to the wall. Apparently we have some girls there that are going to be body painted Total Restoration. Stoked for that, going to make the legs spin even faster in the crit.\

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Race Face Blog Picture

Building Trails

Been out building a trail out behind my house the last couple days, have a few hundred meters done already. Being out in Kamloops inspired me to build trails of my own. Hopefully I will have a cool done by the end of summer, and maybe a nice long one by winter. Lots of hours ahead!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back Home

Just got back home yesterday evening after spending 5 days in Kamloops. Got in some awesome mountain biking, some of the best back to back days in a while. Rode with Catherine & Matt a few times, they showed me some of the Kamloops best single track.

Raced on Saturday, went really well, got 2nd in Pro/Elite. Hot day, which ,made thing interesting. Paced myself well, rode with Matt Hadley the first 2 laps, then he put some major time into me in the last 3 laps. Hung out there in No Man's land for a while and held off the chasing bunch. Felt pretty darn good, race was only 1:4ish which was perfect length for me. Felt satisfied, made 1oo bones, would have been 200 of there was one more person in our catagory! lame. But super sweet day, dustiest race ever, drive train sounded like it was going to fall apart not even half way through. Ate a lot of Matt's dust the first couple laps and looked like a car did a burn out on dirt for an hour with me standing behind it. Fun!

Stayed at my aunt's the whole time, it's home away from home. Had my own bed, I could make whatever food needed, so that made thing's easier than spending time in a hotel, which I've been doing a lot of lately.

Going to be back home for the next month, just away every except this upcoming one for racing. Life will be a bit easier, it's been hectic the last month, only be home a few days here and there. I finally fully unpacked my suitcase for the first time in weeks.

Racing the Kelowna K-town classic this weekend, its a stage race. Should be fun, show some local blood. Then off to Canmore the weekend after that for the last Canada Cup selection race. Then Dry Grad weekend in Lytton, in for some wicked white water wrafting. Might hit a BC Cup on that Sunday in Burnaby. In for an action packed month!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kamloops is hot

Been spending the last few days in Kamloops, its not far from the Okanagan and its like home at my auntie's. Rode with Catherine Pendral and Matt Hadley the last few days, they've shown me some cool trails. Yesterday rode 2 solid hours of single track, which was amazing. Had some of my best rides yet this year. Taking today easy and racing tomorrow, weathernetwork said 38 degrees, gonna be a hot one! Then back home for a few weeks, just gone every weekend. Getting stoked for Dry Grad. Whitewater rafting in Lytton. Should be fun. Just heading out to pre-ride the course, I can't believe I am going to say this but the Kamloops bike ranch course had gone from the shits to a 8/10. Crazy I know. Update after the race coming your way.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Canada Cup 2&3 a wrap

Just got in late last night from the Cycling BC Canada Cup project out east. Had an awesome 11 days. Got in some good riding/racing/training. Didn't get the results I wanted, first race was 4th and 40 sec down on 1st and 2nd race was 2nd 1:44 down on 1st. Mitch Bailey was flying, props to him. Just didn't have the legs I was hoping for for this trip. Still have two more races that are important for Worlds qualification.

Just taking the next couple days easy before I head out to Kamloops for 5 days, gonna do some training and racing out there. Hopefully get in a few rides with Catherine Pendral. Then comes the K-town Classic. Then Canmore Canada Cup. Taking the next weekend off for Dry Grad, need to spend some quality time with the friends for one last time.

Just heading into town for massage and then a little spin.