Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Definitely enjoyed the last couple weeks, had some solid training days along with some monster days of eating home baking. Tried to limit myself with the eating of the baking. But that fell through long before christmas began. Christmas morning I had a coffee and 6 cinnamon buns...yah I know.

I also got this weird beer from my mom, yet to try it though.

Anyway there's been some fun snowshoes and some not so fun riding the trainer days. Today I was able to get in a solid snowshoe with some of my favourite training buddies from town. Had to get one in as I work 7 out of the next 8 days. So instead of explain how awesome it was, how the deep the snow was and how beautiful the views were. Here's some pictures:


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Training

Finally winter is here, I can't tell you how excited that makes me! I've had enough of this -20 and no snow, makes anything outside impossible. But on the weekend it decided to snow 20 cm overnight and then get to +7 the next day so the snow can melt. On my way to work Sunday morning I got stuck in our driveway which is flat by the way. It took a few back and forths to rock out and then I had to try and back 100 ft out to the road, and got stuck in the middle. I did make it in time for work though! It was fun rippin up to the ski hill with 25 cm of fresh pow. I felt like a snow plow in my car the whole way.

This is what our road looked like, you can see the bottom of car was just dragging through the snow, now coming up is our 1 km 12% hill. Makes for a fun time in the winter, but in the case more snow the better because it just worked like a brake.

Monday was a great day for a snowshoe with my pal Aart. We headed up an old forest service road that hadn't been plowed, except for the few 4X4's that had driven through. So I had my car pinned as we started our ascent up this road. Other than the fact that the bottom of my car again was pounding through the snow, everything went smooth me make it pretty dam far, but when the came to about 13% we started to get slower and slower until we stopped and did a e-brake reverse U turn and found a spot on the side of the road.

Off snowshoeing we went, walked into a quiet little lake and was contemplating walking across, but the +7 helped to opt not to.

On we carried up and over the mtns, luckily having our garmins, because we wouldn't have ended up right at my car at the end. Oh and just before we arrived back at my car we ran into some cougar tracks, and no not the cougar your thinking of, the real kind. So this encouraged us to speed snowshoe back just a tad bit.

And here's a little clip of the unplowed forest service rd:

Friday, December 10, 2010

So.....some bastard cut me off yesterday morning on the way to work. Made the choice to swerve and try to avoid the median. But I just clipped it. In case you didn't know, never hit a median going 100 k/ph. It doesn't sound and or feel good, your car is all over the place after, because of the two rims with flat spots and the front blow out. Plus when your in morning traffic it makes for some dandy car dodging to get to the side. And that was my Thursday morning.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mid-Hike Excitement!

Here's a video from the Big White Rally on Saturday.

I was volunteering at the Snow X stage, so that is where all the footage is from. I was up there bright and early doing car inspection to make sure all the regulars had proper equipment to get their car sideways on the snow. There were about 35 entries and BC, Alberta and even Washington state. These guys had from 9-4 to rip the under 2 minute course and vie for the fastest time in their catagories. 4wd studded, 4wd non-studded, 2wd studded and finally 2wd no-studded. Other than a quick 30 min break for the legit rally pros to come through for the stage it was game on all day. Brandon Semenuk just got his rally license last week and made the trip from Squamish to race cars. He came through and had the fastest time at the snow X. Rad.

I contemplated putting my civic in for some fun "legal" drifting, but I was super busy helping out all day. Finally I man'd up and went out for the last timed run of the day, came out with 3rd fastest times in 2wd non-studded. Stoked out that considering I had no test run, drove when the track was at its iciest, and I was just trying to drift the course. Next year I think its game for the W in that, low tire pressure, no drifting and more runs! Here's half of my run: