Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drunk Heroin addicts in my Room.

So a new guy showed up at the hostel yesterday. some black gangster dude. He was pretty effed up. Introduced himself like 3 times in 10 min to me. Then lastnight he comes in just when I was going to bed, drunk as can be, high on heroin and taking his "recovering heroin medicine" as well. So he went to bed breathing like he was running a 100 M dash. Then he wakes up and starts telling me he was almost shot and stabbed. Then he sleeps again. Then he starts saying I"ll kill you all". Then its quiet again. Then he throws up all over himself, the bed, and the floor. He starts hacking and spitting everywhere. Lucky I am on a top bunch. Downside is I'm the only one in the room and scared to move, so I stay quiet. This bastard of a guy lays down in his puke....totally normal I know. He's still talking jiberish for a while. Then says "get me outta here! don't keep me here!" Then stands up and says "I gotta piss now" and pulls on that junk and pisses all the floor and in some dudes bed. By this point my HR was beating like deer when its running from a cougar. And not the good kind of cougar your thinking of....And all of sudden hes on his hands and knee's walking around the in the piss, I think he might have even been crying..Then gets back into his bed and lays in the puke. I really didn't know what to do at this point. Other than lay their quiet and hopefully he won't know I'm there. When I'm about to fall back asleep he yells "get up, get up you fuck!" so I pretended like I was sleeping and said "yah what huuh?" and hes just said he had a bad dream, and apologized for waking me up. Then introduced himself again and went quiet. So I got up and went out to the manager and said hell no am I sleeping in their tonight. So one of the girls said I could sleep in the ladies dorm with them. So that is my best hostel story of my 20 years on earth so far. This has prompted me to move and rent a room at someones house now.

Now time to enjoy the 20 C weather and ride bicycles.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last week of below 0 c

Had a my first outside rides in the Okanagan since last November. I have been drinking excellent coffee, having unreal breakfasts and even better dinners this past week. My awesome mother had probably done one of my best dinner weeks of all time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gathered all the best clips of 2010, check it out:

Monday, February 14, 2011


So food is a topic I like to talk about every once and a while. Its one of my all time super awesome favourite things to do. What about you? Every morning I wake up I think about to what to eat for breakfast and what to take to work for lunch. Then I let me Mom do the even better cooking for dinner. I won't lie, I am a sweetsaholilc. I have been told I should be some counciling or go to therapy. I am expecting an intervention one of these days...And yes I had 6 of these cinnamon buns before 9 am on Christmas morning.

Do you eve have those days where your out doing a long snowshoe or ski and all you can think about is getting back to that warm up and making like the best sandwich ever? Anyway, here's a couple nice little meals I've had the last few days..

I've also found an awesome new beer: Kelowna's very own Tree Brewing Vertical Winter Ale. Which had a nice hint of vanilla.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So last week all the snow was melting, and it finally seemed like it was time to ride the bicycles. But I guess God granted my wish late, and it dumped snow Sunday/Sunday Night. We got another like 8-9 inches. So that meant more snowshoe exploring for this weeks weekday weekend.

So for starters, I work at a XC Ski Hill on Sundays and this past Sunday happend to be the Western Canadian Championships. Caught some good racing while sitting in a chair. The kids would embarrass the hell out of me, so I decided not to ski after work that day.

After work on Sunday, and by work I mean the last hr was doing chores on the snowmobile. Sweet I know, Anyway there was so much snow I couldn't make it up my hill. Attempted it 3 times, my last resort was reversing up, which usually works but not that day.

Monday morning came along and I caught a ride to my car, dug it all out and was ready to go shovel my Grandparents and of course I left my keys at home. Luckily my super wicked awesome neighbor was plowing with his tractor and told me jump on and he would give me a ride to get my keys. So I hitched a ride on my neighbors tractor hitch.