Monday, August 16, 2010

Rock Ovens, Penticton BC

A Monday in the Okanagan at its finest: food, coffee, ride, lake, booster juice, food, pick n' pull, $$ and of course The Batchelor Pad! Gia is the best thing ever...

Lovin' life on my new Rocky Mountain Altitude!


My favourite riding partner in the town!

Where else would I rather be? Okanagan is the best place on earth! or the best place I've ever been..

7 Summits

Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

7 Summits

Made the trip over to Rossland, BC on Saturday night after work. Hauled over in a buddies Subaru Impreza. Camped the night in Trail, only to be rained on which led to a very minimal sleep. Early morning and breakfast at Clancy's, Rossland's best coffee shop. I opted for my salmon sandwhich earlier in the morning, which lead to coffee at the coffee shop, cliché I know. We then drove one of the vehicles to the US border and then start the uphill drive to the trailhead. Which happend to be at the Nancy Green summit, 5100 ft up there. Rolled off to a nice and moist trail, which meant tacky and able to rip sh*t on the downhill. Quickly climbed up to 7 thousand ft, then it was rolling from there, from one mountain top to the next. Stopped for pictures and food. Enjoyed the beautiful day, it was cloudy in the morning, and turned to sun in the afternoon. Had one good stop at the 7th and final summit, it was now mainly downhill from there. So we opened up the gas, and turned on the helmet cam on! I was riding the trail bling, but the final downhill was so fast I just had to let everything go. I must say I took downhilling on an XC bike to a new level that day, thanks to my beasty Maxxis Ardent's. I wanted to ride the loop again just for that final downhill. We be making a sweet video of the ride over the next couple days, that will explain more! This was the best ride I've ever done by the way...

Chamois time.

Loaded up and ready to descent 6500 ft!!

Starting at a little altitude.

The ride that made this day unreal!

Almost at 7 thousand feet.

Must have been thousands of hours put into this trail.

On Top of the world!

Incredible views.

At the top of the last descent, 25 min of crazy fast, over doing it on the XC bikes.

Post ride van drive to the other car.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red-necking in my back yard

2003-2010 Evan's life Transformation

Gr 7

Gr 8

Gr 9

Gr 11

Gr 12

Post High School


So its be a long time since a good update, so here we go in short form:

-Edmonton Canada Cup was the best race of the year.

-Was tired all week heading into Nationals.

-Nationals was the worst race of my life, first ever DNF. Couldn't ride up the hills on the last lap.

-Went river tressel jumping, with Andrew L'Esperance and Cody Canning.

-Then went river surfing, hung a rope from the tressel and floated down to it on a surf board, grabbed on and turned around and stand up and carve the shite out of the river. Or like me, you could grab the rope and try too hard and have it snap and wip you in the arm.

-Did a local toonie race, set new record (biggest accomplishment of the year..sad I know.

- Did a local crit, did a masters ride (sit in, and come to the front with 1 lap to go for the sprint) little did I know a break went away and I was so tucked in I didn't know. So when we came to the last lap I sprinted and thought my teammate and I had won, so I put my hands up for a funny retard solute, and it turned out I got 6th, and thought I was 2nd. I felt like a beauty there..

-Went to a wicked Miss Penticton bikini contest and got a picture with some of the girls.

-Did a late night cruiser ride and a 2 am McDonalds food run, only to find out my dad's work had 100 ft flames on the roof and flying fire balls coming out the front door.

-Went downhilling at Silver Star with xc shoes, pedals, no armour, full face and Oakley Radars. Good thing the dh'ers couldn't drop me, otherwise that would have been embarrasing. Maybe skinsuit next time..??

-And tons of work

That is what my life now consists of.