Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday night in Peachland. Gotta love living in the boonies.

Beautiful view on the way to work this morning.

The Spread.

Cleaning the Father's bicycle.

Test of Metal recap

Every year since I have started racing I always get asked about the Test. And over over I always "nope, never done that one" This year was finally the time to get out to this massively huge event that sell out 800 spots in less then 30 min. Luckily I am no a Pro/Elite and can register whenever. Too bad I raced like a cadet sport and not like a Pro/Elite last weekend. Had a sweet lead up and post race time, it was just the 2:50 min of hurtfullness I endured. So for a quick recap:

Thursday: Borrowed the father Toyota Corolla, put it in 5th gear and cruised to North Van where I was staying with my Rocky Mountain teammate Marty Lazarski and his girlfriend Tara, who is an oh so awesome physio. Had some sweet homemade burgers, Matt Green joined us for dinner and to do some work on Marty race rig.

Friday: Slept in, had coffee, Marty made the best oatmeal ever, which I didn't think was even possible. Then we rode our MTB's on the road, how junior I know, out to Horseshoe Bay on Marine Dr. Got in some vitamin D absorbtion. Had left over burgs for lunch, which were topped off with an egg. Drove to the Rocky Factory. Got a tour by Peter Vallance. Watched some headtube get ripped off a Flatline WC. Got some schwag. Saw something rad that is a secret. Drove into Van and picked up a Ipad case for Tara. Had dinner. Got my favourite chamois picked out. Bedtime.

Saturday: Early wake up. Coffe and breakfast. Surprise visit by Ricky Federeau, who is awesomely cool by the way. We talked about the people who live in Kits, do yoga, wear lululemon, say that they care about the environment and have GLUTEN allergies. It was a hilarious breakfast. Drove to Squampton. Put on my chamois and started to ride the bicycle. Got in a solid 15-20 min warm up...Suffered like no other on the NEUTRAL start of all things. Totally maxed out by the time the race actually got started. Started to let people pass me left and right. Held on the back of a group and prayed for dear life. Got super shelled on 9 mile. Felt like a 7 year old girl that was learning how to ride a bike. Then felt like a 63 year old on the decsent. Started to cramp going the through the feed zone. Rode in for 14th and some 20 odd minutes behind Mr Kabush. My only excuse is I rode the course blind and the Mono thing had let me race super fast up until now this year. Had two smokies, potato salad, mango gelato and a protein bar post race, to not only replenish the calories but to self medicate after my Awesome race!(being sarcastic by the way..) Drove out to watch the windsurfers and had a brew. Dinner at the Brew Pub. Drove back to North Van. 2 min army shower, drove into Van to meet some friends for desert. Back to North Van to sleep.

Sunday: Ate some delicious pancakes. Drove the Corolla back from North Van to the Okanagan in 3:15 min. One stop for pee and gas and a steady 120 kp/h goes along way. Went out for an easy mtb ride with my dad. Then laid on the couch and tried to make myself feel better after and shitass race weekend.

The Test of Metal event was unreal, felt like a race in Europe. The course though I didn't like so much. I could have stayed home and rode fireroads for 2.5 hrs for free.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cardiac Classic BC Cup...or AKA 5,000 ft of uphill in 2 hrs.

So, that was a dam hard race. I can see why Marty Lazarski said before the race he has only done it once in the last four years and didn't really want to do it this year because its too hard. The race was awesome before and after, but during it felt like you a parachute tied on the whole time. I had my garmin on and was looking at my speed up the cardiac hill and it was like 3-4 kp/h. Makes you just feel like your on fire. And you can't stand up because of the loose gravel, so as Tom Skinner would say "put it in a harder gear and pedal faster, it really does make you go faster" That is a true quote and very inspiring quote, good thing he said it after the race.

So the race went like this: I got the holeshot, then pulled off and let Marty pull through, then Tskin hit the climb like a mountain goat and was going way too fast for my liking, so I dropped my chain into the beloved granny ring, then Marty started to ride faster, well I think I actually started to ride slower, anyway he was tearin' the climb a new one, then got chain suck because he said post race "the thing wrong with this bike is, I built it, I don't know how to adjust the set screw in the derailleur, so it must be something like that, can't run middle and big, its too much tension, and the chain is too short" So that sums that up. I was now sitting third on the 20 min grinder of a climb, then Marty went by me again and then by Tskin and made me suffer. I pinned the top section to catch these two for the downhill, successful. Then we recovered on the downhill and Marty and I got to chatting and he was was trying to tell me that I should "man-up and get a flat bar" I almost fell off my bike laughing, such a funny guy. But then he and that flat bar and took off. I had nothing to say there. Rode my fastest through the technical singletrack up/downhill until the cardiac climb for lap two and got caught on the climb, fell back and then caught the guy in the downhill again only to put on a gap and keep it on the climb. Then on the downhill I was pushing so hard my nose started to bleed and blood was everywhere, made my bike even red'er.

So I tried to ride to feedzone with my head pointing up buy then I couldn't see the trail so I had to keep on bleeding everywhere. Got some tissue's from a nice lady and stuff my nose. Kept riding and getting the weird but funny looks from all the spectators. Tried my best to supernuke the last climb went one gear harder everywhere and was able to open a gap on 3rd place. Rode that to the finish right behind Marty. Nice day for Rocky Mountain. Two entries equaled 1st and 2nd place. We quickly pounded a couple chocolate milks, and a burger then went for a cool down ride. Came back for another burger. Had some good chamois time before the podium. Got the most raddest medals ever.

Came back to my dad secretly drinking beer in the parking lot. De-chamois'd and started the drive home. Stopped at Whatcom rd in Chiliwack for Schnitzle burgers. Then back to Peachland.

Garmin Files:

The bike paths were nice here, made for a interesting ride, then hit the singletrack and was back to why I love westcoast riding.

Burnaby Mtns Cardiac climb, I was thinking pff what is this, and then of course when you say you turn the corner and BAM! it hit's 30%. Hello granny ring, PS I love you.

Vancouver is actually a pretty rad city during a nice sunny day.

Stayed at SFU, thought it would be cool with all the college people, but then when we got there, realized schools out. Sweeet...

Pretty solid hotel room for under 100 bones if you ask me.

The Spread.

Watching UFC, and eating some healthy food instead of my choice of burgers at the pub..

Photos below by Marie Devantier:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cow Trail Classic

This past weekend I raced just outside Merritt BC, only like 40 min from my place. Nice change to sleep in my bed the night before. Woke up in the AM had a nice big coffee with my dad and brother, waited a bit until my Grandad arrived and then we caravaned out. we hit the turn off to the race and had 7 km of a bumpy gravel road, pretty funny watching my dad's Corolla rock it through there!

Next up was so chamois up, waited until that last possible second, as I had a long day of riding in the chamois the day before. Didn't do the usual warm up, as I was tired from Saturdays ride. So I just rode around for 20 min, just tried to keep my cool. Contemplated running the Maxxis Maxxlite 310's, but since I hadn't ridden the course, I just opted to stay with the Aspens. Rolled the single ring again, more impressed with it each race I run it in.

I Went off pretty hard, yet thinking "I hope we don't actually race on cow trails today" then cooled it through the single track, which was like half a km. Then it was fire roads, and more fire roads. Probably the worst course I've raced to date, as it was like 80% on the roads, and then some of the technical was so bumpy and rooty I coudl hardly ride over it. There were some sections that were unreal though, descending down a mountain in a big open field, with tall grass and a little trail just weaving through the meadow. That kept me sane. I stopped halfway through and took a pee, I was able too because it was so open I could see up to at least 5 min behind me in some sections....It's not fun when the bladder's full. Rolled in to take the first W of the season. After the race I went back to my thought before the race of "I hope we don't race on cow trails" and now thought "Dam! I wished we actually raced on cow trails" Stoked on that, I even got a big Belgian beer and a trophy made of a cassette and rotor welded together. Something cool for a trophy finally.

With our entry we had free tickets for burgers after the race and if you know me, I can never turn down a burger. That pretty much sums up the day.

Some sweet tire pumping action, with my Lezyne pump getting them Maxxis tires all set and ready to roll.

Getting the Garmin ready to roll.


Mini-mud bog.

Final corner.

Post-race fun.

Mmm Beer.

Photo's by my Brother, Tomas Guthrie, and my Grandad, George Fenton.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cool ride yesterday.