Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays with family and friends. We have luckily gotten enough snow in the Okanagan to start snowshoeing and XC skiing. I've eaten enough sweets to really question my addiction to sugar over the holidays. I always say tomorrow, I WILL eat no sweets, but I end up eating so much I have trouble falling asleep...No regrets right!

 Droppin' in with the snowshoes
 Finding beautiful viewpoints is the #1 goal of winter 2012/13.
It's all about cinnamon on Christmas morning, and every morning in general.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Here's a few more photos from my final few days in Victoria, along with some of the Coquilhalla. There was a stretch of the highway yesterday that had 11 accidents in 20 km..

Friday, December 21, 2012

Victoria Camp

Spending a few days riding bicycles in Victoria before Christmas. From what I've heard weather this time of year is a lot better than the Okanagan, I've found out, really, it is not. There has been either rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, rain, cold temperatures or all of the above everyday. I can say my "softie" winter training syndrome is turning into a hardman one. Not insanely big kilometer's are being put in because it's so windy, but a few hours everyday is making me noticeably fitter. It's also great because I can eat more food. Yesterdays ride required not one, but two, kitkat bar purchasing stops. The body is slowly getting more tired, and I am getting more anxious to get home for Christmas! Saturday AM departure is planned for a Guthrie household Christmas party that evening. With huge amounts of snow falling back home, snowshoeing will be in full effect over the holidays, along with eating Christmas baking and skeet shooting. 

All for now, heading out for what looks like the first ride without rain, fingers crossed.

All of my rides are being posted on Strava CLICK THIS!

 Great winter powder on the Coquillhala..
 New brew method.
 Snow in Victoria!? This is wildcat himself.

Cody Canning shred's the gnar.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Opportunites

As the 2013 season approaches it is now time I announce I will no longer be racing with Rocky Mountain Bicycles. I am sad, but very excited for a new opportunity that has come about. First off, thanks to Rocky Mountain for all the support through the highest and lowest points of my racing career. I have had my biggest results while flying the Rocky flag, and I still had the amazing support while I was laid up in 2010 with mononucleosis. I can't thank Rocky enough for supporting me and getting me to where I am today.

The new team had not yet been released, but I can I am very happy and excited this upcoming season. The riders and staff are as good as it can be on a bicycle racing team. Wait for the the announcement!

In other news, I've been putting in some hours in the hiking boots. Trying to explore and soak in the best views the Okanagan has to offer. For anyone who lives in the valley, there will be Sunday-Monday hiking/snowshoes adventures taking place all winter long. Weekly photo updates will be posted, as I try and make every weekend better than the previous one.

 Soaking In The Views
 Christmas Tree Hunting
 Rose Valley Dam, Over Looking Kelowna
 Law Mountain
 Rare To Find A Rock Arch To Build A Trail Under
Skeet Shooting

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Upper lip hair for 3 more weeks..ahhh!!

I made the smart a** request for more Movember donations, with the return that I would keep my moustache an extra week for every $50 more raised. On the last night I received $150 in donations. Oh boy, yet super pumped as it's a good cause and one of best buddies fought cancer this summer, as well I lost my Grandad to cancer this spring. Some buddies and I that are supporting Movember are putting in for a MoBro photo contest. Photo below.

It is the season of transitioning from bicycling riding and/or the off season to structured cross training. I am very fortunate and live in a place where I can be in the bush while still in my back yard. That allows for unbelievable days of hiking, snowshoeing, hunting, dirtbiking etc. You get the gist that Peachland is just awesome...Here's a few photos of what I do for off season fun training:

My dad  killin' it on a spin bike we found hiking, of course it was in the middle of nowhere.

The last couple weeks have also been the most real "off season" time I have ever taken. So pretty much to sum up what I did, I ate good tasting food.
 Deer chops

 Best ever!?
Who says aged cheese and peanut butter cups can't be eaten at the same time..