Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Real Website

Unfortunately, this blog will no longer be updated. I have my own website now, which can visited by clicking the following link:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MTB National Team Camp - Carlsbad, CA

After four days of bike riding on the southern California coast I can say my legs are tired. Yesterdays 5 hour ride with a monster climb up to, through and past the snowline made for the biggest/hardest/longest training ride I've done in a while. That is one side of the camp is bike riding, which is expected, but the most enjoyable part is the team bonding and Supercross event we attended the other night. Bigger, better and just more awesome of an update will be coming soon..hopefully! Were keeping busy and gettin' fit. Here's a quick look through the lens of the first four days:

Also, GPS of the rides via Stava can be found HERE.

 Mr Kris Sneddon
 Water and food break.
 San Clemente

 You may recognize this house from Top Gun, ladies Maverick may be the secret word to understanding this photo..
 Only in 'merica, $11 for crap beer, really?
Rode up Mt Palomar.
 I would like to say I REALLY enjoyed watching this.
 Team Canada mechanics Scott Kelly and Adam Trotter are miracle workers, they literally make dreams come true.
I cracked after riding the other day, no choice but to consume as many calories as possible in the shortest time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Sponsors

I would like to thank Axel Merckx GranFondo, Pro Source Irrigation and for the support they will be providing me with for the 2013 season. I absolutely love bike racing and when a company comes on board to help someone achieve their dream it is beyond amazing, I can't quite thank them enough. Axel's GranFondo is a great event based in Penticton, BC that I will be attending this year for my second time, as well as helping out with the kids Piccolo Fondo. Pro Source Irrigation is the a leading supplier in irrigation needs within the Okanagan Valley. Definitely stop in at their Kelowna or West Kelowna locations for amazing customer service! is a Penticton based company that is very active in the community, you may have heard of them as they are hosting the Peach Classic triathlon. 

Watch out for an article coming out in the next week with the on the behind the scenes with what is takes to race in my position. This summer I am going to be putting on some kids learn to ride clinics as well as a women's learn to ride clinic through the Peachland Community Center. So keep an eye out if yourself and anyone you might know would be interested. I will post details when more are available. 

Soon to the interwebs near you, will be live and running. I will then be transfering everything from this blog to my new website. I am sorry if it is an inconvenience on your behalf. But I promise will be cool!

T-minus 1.5 days until I down in Carlsbad, CA with Cycling Canada for the annual winter training camp. Really excited to get out and ride this new bike I just received from Norco:

Norco packages my bikes in a fine fashion.

Now comes for the classic picture update from my past couple weeks of training in the Okanagan. Lot's of bike riding has taken place as the weather has been relatively not winter like.3,2 go!

 Best new road trip idea??
 Found my snowshoe running legs and won a local 5 km race.
 Little dicey out there on the bike, but after finding a snowplow to motorpace I was golden.
 New winter keep feet dry tip: 2 pairs of socks, shoes, grocery bag, cotton bootie, then winter bootie.
 Nuff said.
Tree Brewing's Spy porter is now my winter drink of choice.
Volunteered at the Wendy's Dreamlift last week, what a fun day helping those in need for a trip to Disneyland!
My new teammates at Norco make a mean birthday card. Thanks Lespy and other Evan

Monday, January 28, 2013

Thanks Planet Foods!

I've been lucky enough to be supported by Planet Foods through Rocky Mountain the past four years. I am pleased to announce that they will be now supporting me on a personal level. With nutritional product like Honey Stinger, Ultima, Sharkies, GoMacro and Kicking Horse Coffee, to name a few, I can continue on my healthy living lifestyle. Having all the nutritional bases covered I can now focus on training smart and hard. Without the correct nutrition being taken in while training, I might as well not train! Ultima will be the drink of choice to keep up on electrolytes, my favourite flavour is grape. Honey Stinger is a product I would buy and use even if I wasn't being supported with it, that is how much I LOVE it! With great products like chews for when on the bike, as well as Belgian inspired waffles I will never be bonking or getting hungry. My race food will consist of Honey Stinger gels which are made with lots of honey, a great source of carbs and and sugar for quick energy. Post training and racing I will be eating with the Honey Stinger protein bars for quick recovery. They also make for great snacks, especially when travelling.

HUGE thanks to Planet Foods for this support!!! Check out their website for more info on their products and healthy living lifestyle. Look for them under my Sponsors tab.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 WILL BE a gooder

Before this super amazingly awesome update is about to go down, please watch this to get inspired to lift weights:

By the way, no I did not watch the whole Lance confession, because lets face it we knew already..I had better things to do like go out to a movie with my brother, and then drive from Victoria-Peachland during the second airing. Personally, why can't we focus on the good things in sport like these kick-a** cyclists and real(non-doped) athletes: It's bad negative attention that always get the attention, it's way too easy in life to be negative so why not focus on the good things, the important things. Like the fact that this cat found a real live unicorn and rode it!!


Lot's has been going on so far this 2013 season. At New Years I wanted to make a resolution about staying healthy, but then in the day leading up I was catching a cold, so I decided that starting the new year with a cold was not healthy, needless to say, that resolution is bumped to 2014 so I know I won't fail in the first week..  To sum up, I've been getting fit with snow sports, trained in Victoria, worked, and am now searching for some personal sponsors for the season. My pal Cody Canning was gracious enough to let me spend 5 days at his place so I could ride my bicycle when I was in Victoria. Attended a charity event with Rally4Life for the upcoming Wings of Killimanjaro event. Earlier on in the month I had a great opportunity to talk with four classes at Glenrosa Middle School about goal setting in life, school and sport. Great kids, great listeners and some of the excitement in each class when I drew names from a hat for race jerseys was amazing! Hope to be back there soon. Off to Carlsbad, California with the national team in February for a ten day training camp. It will nice to get out and ride without having to dress winter snow storms. Although, riding in the minus's a couple days this past week has made me tougher. 

2013 with Norco is going to great and I can't wait to make some memories and race some bikes with these XC guys and gals:

Andrew Watson(senior, old man, master, been around the block get it) He did give me shout out on his blog for my mustache growing, but he didn't link to my blog..amateur? Joking Andrew, excited for your elderly input this year.

Andrew L'esperance(Andrew #2) He's off to Cyclo-Cross worlds in a couple weeks time, wishing him the best of luck. He's also from Noooova Scoootia, don't be alarmed he eat's food other than fish.

Catherine Vipond(Only one Catherine.)She's a mountain girl living Canmore, and word on the street she makes stuff from wood..

Hayley Smith(Hayley 'hunter' Smith)She apparently licks stuff, if it has maple syrup on it..

Kevin Haviland(AKA Havi with an I not Y)He's a great hair cutter, which will save me money on trips. Here is one of his finest masterpieces: 

Here's a few photos so put my new year in perspective, enjoy!

Up behind my house..winter x-training is key to my winter success
 Soaking in the beautiful winter day with Max Plaxton
Max tore my legs off, especially on the climb to this view point..well worth it!
I have a sweet tooth, not going to life. Ate a few of these on my Victoria-Peachland drive.
 Cool? yes ma'am
 Snowshoeing near Apex Mtn.

 Apex Mtn way back in the distance

Yumm, steak with sautéd onions and mushrooms, with a side of grilled beets, yams and broccoli. Read an interesting article today about elite athletes and eating disorders? Really!? One the great benefits of working out hard is eating lots! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

After a solid 30 cm of snow fell at my place last week, I feel the amount shoveling I did is well worth a whole winter of it. That being said, I can already feel the strength my upper body has gained when shifting in my car, or eating my oatmeal.  Here`s some cool shots from the past week of winter life: