Thursday, November 29, 2012

Movember Isn't Over Yet!

@Movember Canada

The countdown is on, you will not be seeing all those good lookin' men with upper hair on Saturday. I know, it's unfortunate. That also means that some last minute donations would be highly appreciated! I have now said that every $50 more I raise I will keep the moustache for another week. Only $30 more is needed to make that first extra week happen. 

You can donate here or here:

I am attending a Movember party Friday night, it should be all time. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretty neat little video

Click this LINK to check out a great, short, beautiful video.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

End of season SALE!!

For more info please email me @

 New 2011 FOX FIT Terralogic 120mm fork w/ tapered steer and 15mm thru axle. $599.00

Almost new 19" 2012 Rocky Mountain Element Team RSL. Ridden 40 hrs. Great deal! $3,799.00

**Brand new** Shimano R220 road shoe 45.5. $199.00

**Brand New** 56cm 2012 limited edition team only Rocky Mountain Solo carbon cyclo-cross bike. Choice of buying it as frame only($999.00), or frame + Easton Cockpit + Shimano Dura-Ace groupo($2,500.00)

-Select Maxxis tires.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Canadian Cyclo-Cross Nationals

Well, yesterdays Cyclo-cross National Championships was a great way to end the season, well almost. the BC Grand Prix of Cyclo-cross is today, which will finish the season for some. For others it will be the starting point of a long winter of training inside for the 2013 World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky in February.

First off, thanks to anyone and everyone is was supporting the race whether it was over the life feed of the interwebs or standing out on course in the pouring rain and frigid temperatures. It's always a little more motivating when you have great friends and family out heckling you and supporting, your always able to find a little more in your legs. And for those that made fun of my best ever Movember attempt, I respect you and hope you donate to Movember!! The link is here:

The father, who is my personal helper for the weekend, and myself made the trip to Surrey on Friday for some practice on course and to stay in our cheap, uncleaned, pee left on the toilet sort of hotel. I came into this race, for probably the first time ever, actually relaxed and not stressing or thinking about race. Which is something that tends to work for me. I had no expectations as I've spent many hours behind my school books this fall, as well logging some of the funnest fall days I've ever had. Running, hiking and some fun MTB  rides turned out to be the perfect recipe for a great day on the bike. Pumped on how the race played out, I was riding in the top 3 all day and finished second to the king of U23 cyclo-cross for the past three years, Evan Mcneely. Our Nova Scotian pal, Andrew L'esperance, came in third. Were all good buddies and were pumped for each other. It was very cold and it seemed as though I couldn't feel my fingers for the half the race, which also led to no power for braking..maybe it was fast not being able to brake? The big question now is "Do I go to Cyclo-Cross World Championships?" The fact that it's in February and throughout the winter I do not ride outside makes it a real question mark. And of course the costs are the same as attending a mountain bike world cup in Europe..I would love to attend though.

Spent the evening out with bicycle racer pals eating great Italian food, drinking beer and consuming tasty desserts. Which tends to always make people race faster versus sitting in a hotel room with legs in the air and eating salad. I'm starting to think a greasy burger, big pizza or french fries are the best pre-race meal, along with beer and desserts. Because if you race poorly you can blame it on the "sh**ty food" but if you do well you can say "Hey, I kicked a** and ate fast food last night" Best story ever? maybe..

Check out the race report on

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 Biker racer life in a hotel room. Lots of bike crap, and good coffee making supplies which are essential.
Oceanside in WhiteRock.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall 2012, best ever?

It's been a busy, exciting few weeks here in awesome town, AKA Peachland. With two cyclo-cross races down, dirt bike rides, a deer shot, blowing up pumpkins, hiking, running and the occasional bicycle ride. Life has been good. I did shoot a deer last week and getting pumped to have a freezer full of fresh meat. Instead of writing some long, most likely boring to most, story I will just put up pictures and videos to explain how awesome things really are. 3,2,1 read!(I'm not actually writing no need to read)

First, and most importantly, it is Movember time ladies and gentlemen. I have set up a page and if anyone is willing to donate some money to help support prostate and other forms of cancer please do, in return I am growing some child like upper lip hair to look as greasy as possible and raise awareness and get support. I've lost someone very close this past spring to cancer, one of best friends was diagnosed this past spring and has pretty much f--ked the cancer. If everyone was willing to give up one of their daily or weekly coffee's that money would become very useful and go a long way. So please support Movember whether it be through my page or others. I am in my fourth year with Movember donation page, please see past years picture below.
 Rode from town up to Telemark to race, it got cold and slushy. 
 Great venue st up by Kelowna Cycle.
My dad, supporting me as usual!
 Telemark 'cross race, in snow of course.
 Some riders cheated and had outside support, DQ'd maybe?

Went riding in the snow and it was cool.
Had the annual pumpkin carving at the Guthrie ranch. Cookies were consumed all day which meant skipping lunch and dinner. Good choice? Hell yes.

 Went rednecking in the bush and shot guns at pumpkins while eating smokies.
 Country music time.
Nothing like a 25 foot long cooking tree.

Super fun times.
 Got in inspired by my uncle at Catharine Pendrel's 'cross race on the weekend.
BMX tracks should be a priority when making a cyclo-cross course. I was able to take the win, the best part .about the 1st place medal was that it was a cookie and eatable.