Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Best of 2011

Well we are into the 2012 and 2011 already seems way back. For myself I had probably the funnest year of my life. Traveling around, enjoying the Okanagan, friends and know all the good stuff.

The travels went like this:
Peachland-Victoria-Peachland-Tucson-Peachland-Vancouver BC-Peachland-Sunshine Coast BC-Peachland-Mt Tremblant QC-Baie-St-Paul QC-Barrie ON-Peachland- Mt-St-Anne QC- Albany NY-Peachland- Canmore AB-Edmonton AB-Peachland-Champery Switzerland-Peachland-Seatle WA- Peachland-Vancouver BC-Peachland-Boulder CO-Peachland-Kamloops BC-Peachland-Toronto ON-Peachland-Park City UT-Peachland-Park City UT. Whoa, there was a few trips this year..So mad I didn't hunker down and get my Elite status with Air Canada.

The year started off with some local snowshoe racing with the mang Aart:
Kept snowshoeing with the attempt to get fit:
It snowed like record amounts so that meant driving was fun and my biceps liked all the shoving too..:
Spent a week at casa a la Plaxton in Victoria riding bicycles:

I also kept hydrated, as most people forget to throughout the winter:
Then I went to Tucson to ride bikes in the desert:
Team Bike Barn won the Okanagan World Champs, the Ski2Sea (
Riding bikes in the best place on earth!
Spent May in the Quebec and Ontario and had learned to cut hair, raced bikes, watched Caunks loose:
In June I shotgunned beer and raced Super D`s:
In July I was in Quebec, New York and Alberta racing bikes with the National Team while pretending to be hockey players for the flights:

Did some hiking in Canmore, caught some air, won my first Pro race in Edmonton and watched two boys develop love for eachother:

Went to Switzerland in September, racing World Champs, Slept on the floor in an airport, Watched a Catharine Pendral win Worlds, Cheered my voice away, Did a mountain top border crossing with the US of A guys, had coffee explosions, loved life.

In the fall I raced some euro`s in cyclo-cross, raced Axel Merckx on mtb`s, grew mullets and moustaches for cx nationals, moved down to Park City for the winter, went skeet shooting over Christmas:

Well I must 2011 was hard to beat, but I will do my best to make every year better until I can't anymore, which will probably be when I have to start a 9-5 job.. Which means I am looking for some support to help make this cycling thing I do the #1 income and full time job to be fit and race around the world.

Pretty thankful to all my supporters that make this happen, being my parents, grandparents, friends, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, The Bike Barn, Canadian Cycling Association, Cycling BC, Haywood Securities, Canadian Metis Society, some helpful un-named amazing people!

Here is the Best of 2011 highlight video! Check it out and give me some views please!!

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