Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Working Life.

So I am now a working man as you would call it. Been working at The Bike Barn and its been just great, such a good group of staff members, and its a great work environment. And of course they are helping me out and working with my schedule for training which is unreal, because you can never find a job like that! Its been great though getting back into a routine and livin' life again, it was pretty boring back in April there when I got the doctors word I had mono, and just sitting around doing nothing but spending countless hours on the web and watching 90210 and such.

On another note I raced the local crit on Thursday, and the my teacher gave me a pass, I believe it was like a B, was able to ride the whole race, mix it up, cover moves and do a couple little digs myself. Super stoked on that, considering that when I did the short track in Fontana it was like 15 min and I was pulled at like the 8 min mark. So this crit is definitely a pass in my books.

Been making some tasty food lately. I have been perfecting my omelet's as well, thought I would give a little show below.

This is a little present I got from Rocky Mountain the other day, just got the new shoes all molded up and the new helmet stickered up with the CCA and Geoff Kabush`s "Race Clean, Own Your Victory" slogan.

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