Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

First off, happy New Year to all. I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me through 2012, it was a fantastic year. Pretty much my New Years resolution is to make everyday better than the previous. Yes, 2013 will be a quest and it will be hard to top 2012. So giddy up! Here is a quick year in photos through 2012:

 Hiking mountains in Park City, Utah.
 Aerial World Cup, Deer Valley, Utah.
Summit-ting 10,000 ft peaks.

 Wheelie time in Tucson, Arizona.
 Group riding with some kid on an MTBicycle. Lespy

 Evan squared eating waffles.
Team Canada does Austin, Texas.
Doing intervals in the snow.

Staying up at Apex mountain resort for some altitude sleeping before Pan Am Champs.
 Team set up at Pan Am Championships Mexico City.
 Transportation was only 3 hrs late to pick us up post training.
 When in Mexico.

 Why drive to a garbage dump when you can dump it in a creek in town..
 Maple Leafs.
Looking a little cracked post race at 8,000 ft.
Team Bike Barn wins the Ski2Sea. Kelowna's world championships. 
Spring riding on the minty trails.

-Two month road trip begins.
 Riding through the Czech Republic with Max Plaxton and Evan Mcneely
 Nove Mesto na Morave World Cup in Czech Republic.
 Mountain roads in La Bresse, France.
 Yah, we cook!
Prague is one of the coolest cities I've ever seen. Highly recommended.
Baie-St-Paul, Quebec.

Hardwood Hills, Ontario for the Canada Cup.
 Spent two weeks at the Mcneely household in Toronto, I mean Kingston, Ontario. Thank-you!
Evan Mcneely taught me how to do a self haircut..Life skills at their finest.
St Felcien, Quebec. Post relay national sUPER aWESOME fUN tIMES.
Were all friends here in Canada eh.
 Relaxing in Mont-St-Anne, Quebec
Olympic mountain bike team announcement in Quebec pre-World Cup.
 Finished St Anne World Cup with best ever WC finish in 13th.
Shuttling St Anne on fun bikes.

 We, Canada, do it right before World Cups.
Flying proud with the maple leaf.
Helping out at the Axel Merckx GrandFondo Penticton for the kids race. GrandFondo was also unreal!
 Catching up on some long missed Okanagan roadie rides.
 One handed beer golfing, harder than it looks..
 Beer coolers when you live in the bush.
This is why the Okanagan is world class for everything!
 Evan Mcneely shooting guns before TransRockies.
Fernie, BC for TransRockies. Went into the race like this^
Left TransRockies like this^.

With the injury I spent a lot of time drinking coffee before heading to World Champs.
 Cold and wet rides in Saalfelden, Austria with Antoine Caron.
 Lovin' life.
 Building damn's and relaxing.
Post Worlds Champs cruising to the tops of mountains with team 'merica.
Conquered my ability to suck at 4 hr enduro races at the Test of Humanity.
Rode beautiful singletrack in Revelstoke, BC with Catharine Pendrel and Keith Wilson.

October (AKA Super Off Season)
 Went dirtbiking lots.
 Hunted lots and shot a deer.
 Went Skeet shooting with buddies.
Rode more epic single track and learned stuff in school.
Raced the 'cross bike in snow.

Jumped the 'cross bike at Catharine Pendrel's awesome course in Kamloops, BC.
Hiked some more.
Pulled off a 2nd place at 'cross nationals in Vancouver, BC.

December (finished school and real fun times took place)
 Skeet Shooting.
 Hiking in my backyard.
 Climbing towers and getting great views.
 Kelowna view.
 Driving the Coquilhalla on a fresh powder day. Low car=snowplow.
 Rode bike a lot during a Victoria visit.
 Went dirtjumping on roadie bikes with the Wildcat aka Cody Canning.
Leaving 2012 in the air and landing in great place for 2013!

2013 is going to be a great year. Thanks to all who helped me in 2012, you know who you are!

Evan Guthrie

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